How Ranplan is enhancing WiFi and cellular planning for telecom networks


With mobile operators embracing WiFi to deliver coverage and capacity for the enterprise market, both indoor and outdoor WiFi and cellular networks need to be planned in co-ordination.

That’s why Ranplan’s ground-breaking iBuildNet Professional tool now allows users to perform cross-system design and simulation with accurate modelling of coverage, traffic steering and handover between LTE and WiFi systems.

“WiFi is now an integral part of any overall solution to provide seamless connectivity and capacity for in-building and metropolitan environments,” said Graham Peel, CEO at Ranplan. “Previously, LTE and WiFi networks were designed in isolation, but now network planners can fully-integrate multiple cellular technologies together with WiFi to create truly heterogeneous networks. This allows network operators to optimise existing network assets and efficiently use previously under-utilised capacity to deliver an improved customer quality of experience.”

Ranplan’s iBuildNet is the only truly heterogeneous network planning, optimisation and simulation solution that supports small cell, WiFi and DAS networks, across both indoor and outdoor environments. Using advanced 3D modelling, fast and accurate 3D ray-tracing, along with powerful data analysis, iBuildNet automatically optimises the selection of AP location, antenna type, power and channel assignment.

Ranplan will be showcasing the latest version of iBuildNet Professional at Mobile World Congress in Barcelona next month.

Ranplan is a UK-based wireless technology company that has developed software tools for outdoor/indoor wireless network planning, design and optimisation, using advanced 3D building modelling and radio propagation simulation.

The company is at the forefront of research and development for radio propagation, femto/small cell and DAS design, automatic RAN optimisation and the deployment of complex HetNets.