How Personalization and Analytics can drive future of TV


By Zia Askari |

With the TV and video market evolving to a changing customer needs – future of Television viewing is going to be about personalization and delivery of content based on analytics will hold key to success for the stakeholders.

Speaking during the recently concluded BroadcastAsia2015 in Singapore, Andy Solterbeck, Senior Vice President, Telstra Software Group said that audience experience is key to winning market share in a fragmented new landscape and today there are online players who threaten advertising revenues of traditional media companies.

“Companies are investing heavily in digital to help them compete in this new age and media content is the core of communication and engagement today. In such a scenario, it is going to be about personalization and delivering exactly what the consumers want,” he explained.


Why Personalization Cloud TV is Important today?

As more and more TV viewers look for unique content, personalization and delivery of an immersive experience will become very important to attract and retain viewers.

“Personalized cloud TV approach will ensure – extending reach, building fan communities through shared virtual experiences, online interaction, and digital recommendations – all this can enhance show and brand loyalty for viewing,” Andy Solterbeck from Telstra added.

Speaking about the changing world of new age TV, Joshua Eum, Chief Technologist Asia Pacific, ARRIS, said that TV used to be: Broadcast oriented, to reach the biggest audience, came with scheduled programming and watched in a room – on the TV set. However, now the scenario has changed and TV viewing is now on-demand, it is reaching to audiences in multiple formats and screens. It is more of an ‘anywhere viewing’ now. More and more of video experience is getting connected now,” he added.

Leverage Actionable Data and Analytics

In order to drive actionable viewing, data analytics can play a critical role. Stakeholders can directly target interested viewers with relevant content and a better marketing approach.

“This can identify a whole new set of revenue streams with an increased effectiveness of video ADs through personalized approach, delivering transactional and subscription viewer choices,” he explained.

In today’s scenario where there are multiple set of screens available in any household, the changing behavior of consumer is quite evident and today’s consumers are viewing and engaging in across diverse channels, they are also participating in social media and engaging themselves in e-commerce activities. And hence, business and revenue models are changing – today there are more opportunities for 1:1 relationships than ever before.

Speaking on the importance of big data and analytics, Joshua Eum from ARRIS said that use of Big Data can help operators to bring a personal and more relevant content experience to their consumers.

“Big Data and analytics can also enable content providers and advertisers to reach valuable audiences, in a better way and most importantly, big data can enable service providers to keep the attention of customers seeking the best content experience in a world of choice,” he explained.

Big Value of Analytics for TV Viewing

Analyze usage and performance trends to better plan network & system expansion

Correlate performance and usage data for proactive identification of failures and optimization opportunities

Learn and respond to customer behavior and preferences

Improve recommendations and customization

Tailor services to the customer’s context

Help operators in terms of monetizing customer insights

Cross-sell more effectively

Develop new age services from customer insights

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