How OTT is helping Telekom Malaysia’s HyppTV, exponentially expand its reach and offering


By Zia Askari |

HyppTV, the Telekom Malaysia’s very own Pay TV has come a long way since its launch in the year 2010. Delivered with the help of a unique combination of fibre optic on UniFi, and Streamyx broadband, it is enabling customers to enjoy world-class entertainment, awa​rd winning shows and channels in full HD from Live TV, Video On Demand and Interactive channel offering, from as low as RM 1/day.

Now the service is set to be reaching out to even bigger audience with the help of incorporating next generation technologies and an OTT strategy.

“Our OTT offering is helping us deliver even greater experience for our customers. Our OTT features adapt to Gen-Y consumer behavior. Catch up TV, lets you catch up programs you have missed upto 7 days back on selected channels. Similarly, Time Shift – delivers pause and rewind upto 2 hours back on selected channels. These features are helping us deliver more value to our customers,” explained, Jeremy Kung, EVP New Media, Telekom Malaysia. He was speaking during the recently held BroadcastAsia 2015 in Singapore.

With its next generation OTT driven offerings, HyppTV Everywhere is targeted towards the nomadic customers. “As mobile broadband grows, our OTT service would also be offered via partnerships with other telco/operators, and media device manufacturers. Our HyppTV OTT service is further supported by TM’s converged network to ensure that seamless quality of service is maintained in and even outside of home environment,” he added.

The concept of OTT (Over The Top) is swiftly empowering content providers and operators, who do not own a wide area network, to exponentially increase their reach and deliver unique and exceptional quality of experience without an upfront investment in OpEx and CapEx. This is also helping the operators to minimize their risks on investments as well as accelerating their time to market strategies.

Additionally, telecom operators and communication service providers are utilizing OTT driven services to deliver rich media experience across multiple screens, networks and geographies. This is helping them move closer to their customers as well as delivering highly-valued mobility to the video content with multiple device accessibility and anywhere access.