How Optus is enabling homes, businesses to become Smart Spaces


Optus is bringing its tech proficiency and customer-focused approach to the rapidly growing connected spaces market with the launch of Optus Smart Spaces.

Applying its digital service know-how, Optus will not only offer the latest Smart Home devices, such as wi-fi connected stereos, home lighting systems and digital doorbells, but will also offer customers unique service solutions from self-install to full professional installation.

At the heart of Smart Spaces will be ‘The O-Team’, a team of technical experts who will help customers set-up and optimise their smart devices.

Optus Chief Executive Kelly Bayer Rosmarin said launching Optus Smart Spaces made sense, as customers already trusted Optus with their connectivity and service needs.

“With more device options available than ever before, knowing how to install and integrate all the technology in your home or office can be daunting, and many customers are unsure of who to turn to for support.”

“We’ve designed Smart Spaces to take the guess work out of creating a smart home. With Optus, you no longer need to be a genius to create your own connected space.”

Ms Bayer Rosmarin said nearly 60% of Australian homes with smart devices are not using them to their full potential, with one in three struggling to set up smart devices.

“Rather than just selling a smart home lighting system, voice assistant or connected doorbell, we will help customers select the best options for their home – and options for installation too, whether they want to install themselves, install via online support, or just have the O-Team do it for them.”

Along with key partners including Amazon, Google, Ring and Eero, Optus has introduced a range of specially curated smart device collections in select retail stores (Google devices currently available online only) which can be built into collections of integrated product suites around home entertainment, security, lighting, and work-from-home.

Customers who purchase selected smart home devices from Optus will receive 30 days of O-Team online support plus the option to purchase ‘in home, in person’ support via the O-Team or even enlist ongoing support through a subscription offering.

Ms Bayer Rosmarin cited research that indicated the smart home and consumer IOT market is set to grow to nearly $5 billion by 2024, opening additional revenue opportunities to enable Optus to invest back into service and innovation.

“With the expansion and evolution of our Optus 5G, we have bold ambitions for Smart Spaces.”

The launch of Smart Spaces continues Optus’ technology and digital leadership following the launch of SubHub – a world first platform that streamlines a customer’s entertainment, health and well-being content subscriptions – and the Optus Living Network – a collection of on-demand features that adapts to customers’ changing needs by offering them flexibility and control of their connectivity.