How Online Slot Games are Created


Playing online slots at top gambling sites like easyslots, will always follow the same basic concept:  free slots no download and cross your fingers in the hopes that the reels will grant you some colourful prizes, bonuses and most importantly, money.

However, what pulls you into playing a specific online slot? The music, the characters, the storyline? All of that is left up to the developers and it can be a long process from idea to production. All to ensure that the game is of the highest quality and is fun for people to play.

The Expectations

In 2017, 51% of people in the UK used their mobile phones or tablet to access online gambling, reported the Gambling Commission. So, with an industry that is growing at a staggering rate, what makes an online slot game stand out?

The online gambling market worldwide is estimated to be worth $73.45 billion in 2024, which is beneficial for online slots developers. However, it also means that the competition in the industry becomes extremely fierce. So, of course, the expectations of each game have rised so that people now want them to be even bigger and even better.

The Development Stage

Online slot machines may look relatively easy to roll out on a regular basis but a premium online slot can take around a year to develop. From deciding a target and researching it to creating the final design, it takes a lot of people.

The team can include designers, developers, mathematicians and project managers. The team must decide every single small detail about the new slot before anyone outside the company even has an inkling that there is a new game in the works.

Once all of the details have been debated, the developer will then complete some market research to determine how beneficial it would be to continue. The challenge lies in then creating something that will consistently appeal to a wider variety of players.

There is a lot of creativity involved in the creation of slot games. You have to decide the colour scheme, the characters and the background music. All with the player in mind. On the other hand, there is also a logistical side to online slots. This is where the mathematician comes in: they must make sure that the Random Number Generator is completely fair in order to generate completely random outcomes.

Launch Of Online Slots

A lot rides on the developers to make their games a success after they have spent so long on them. This is why they work so hard to ensure that their game will be available in multiple casinos.

These respective casinos will then work to promote the new games by giving out free spins in order to get people to try it out. Game reviews in affiliate magazines are also important in regards to the image of the game. If they get more good reviews, people are more likely to play them.

Testing Slots

Slots are constantly being tweaked and changed here and there in order for the developers to stay up to date with new trends and technological developments. The popularity of slots are measured by how many people actually play, but also how many people stay on the game or return to it.

There are no guarantees that a slot will perform better than another, despite all of the market research that is done before the slots origins. It’s almost as if the developers are also playing a game of luck when creating new games.