How MedWand Solutions is Transforming Telemedicine


MedWand Solutions, Inc. has announced that the company’s MedWand device and VirtualCare ecosystem is commercially available to enable clinical exams with its comprehensive care solutions.

Poised to transform the current capabilities of telemedicine, MedWand is offering various kits including: the MedWand Evaluation Kit, the MedWand Mobile Clinic, and the MedWand Remote Clinic. By facilitating a more comprehensive assessment of a patient’s health and an extensive remote diagnosis, MedWand provides the crucial missing link in the delivery of telemedicine.

“I am happy to share that the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has granted 510(k) clearance to the MedWand,” shared MedWand CEO and Co-Founder, Robert Rose. “As a company dedicated to advancing access to quality healthcare, we are proud to offer our innovative solutions to medical facilities worldwide to help lower operating costs, improve health equity, and ultimately save lives.”

MedWand has already received widespread interest within the telehealth industry and medical community. The award-winning company is currently rolling out its solution through strategic partnerships with major health systems, physician groups, and telehealth companies with the below kits:

MedWand Evaluation Kit- Designed for clinical evaluation of the MedWand device and ecosystem.
MedWand Mobile Clinic- Designed for physician or home visits and remote patient monitoring applications.

MedWand Remote Clinic- Designed for remote / regional clinics, transport, and industrial application.

Prices start as low as $120/month including all hardware, software, and cloud services. Please contact MedWand Sales to request a complimentary quotation.

“When it comes to medical diagnostics, clinical accuracy is not just important, but critical, and MedWand’s goal has always been to be the most clinically-dependable telemedicine device in the world,” shared Samir Qamar, MD, Co-Founder and Chief Medical Officer. “With FDA clearance, clinicians and patients everywhere can trust MedWand’s vitals and remote examination tools, and experience telemedicine on an entirely new level.”

Transforming the current understanding of telemedicine, MedWand combines multiple clinically accurate vitals sensors and an Ultra-HD resolution camera into one, handheld, lightweight device. Data collected include core temperature, blood oxygen saturation and pulse rate, heart, lung and abdominal auscultations, electrocardiogram*, and high definition otoscopic, oropharynx, and dermatoscopic exam images. MedWand VirtualCare Clinic can also provide blood pressure, glucometer, spirometry, weight, and body mass data by instantly connecting to FDA-cleared third party tools.

MedWand’s Virtual Care Clinic software provides a link between MedWand devices and existing Electronic Medical Record and Practice Management Software. Supporting single password sign-in, accepting externally scheduled appointments, and exchanging patient data with the EMR, the Virtual Care Clinic software goes beyond video consultation by offering a comprehensive remote exam. Delivering a unique combination of video consultation, live monitoring, and remote clinical-grade vitals capture, MedWand also provides a platform for future AI based vitals data analysis to enable cost efficient and comprehensive telemedicine services for medical facilities worldwide.

The ergonomic MedWand device and its associated software applications were created by a team of physicians and medical device engineers to enhance the quality and accessibility of health care services for clinicians and patients, regardless of physical location. The company offers MedWand and Virtual Care Clinic solutions for applications that include hospitals, field clinics, nursing homes, schools, and workplaces, wherever Internet access is available.