How Long Should It Take To Build a Gaming PC?


If you’re thinking about building a gaming PC, you may be wondering how much time you need to set aside to complete the project. Well, keep reading and we’ll tell you exactly how long it should take to build a gaming PC.


Before you actually get to build your PC, you need to source and buy all of the necessary parts.

This can actually be the most time consuming part of the whole process.

That’s because of the sheer amount of choice that’s available to you. There are hundreds of different motherboards, CPUs, PSUs, graphics cards, storage devices and more to choose from.

Most importantly, you need to make sure that the parts you select are compatible with each other. Get that wrong and you’ll find that your PC doesn’t turn on; or even worse, turns on then breaks your various components.

How to research a gaming PC build

To help you conduct your research in the most efficient way, we have set out a process to follow below:

  1. Work out what your overall budget is.
  2. Select the graphics card that will allow you to play the games you want.
  3. Select a CPU that will complement your graphics card. You’ll have the choice of either an Intel or AMD processor.
  4. Choose a motherboard which has the appropriate socket, chipset and ports to be compatible with your CPU and graphics card.
  5. Figure out how much RAM is compatible with your motherboard.
  6. Buy a PSU which provides sufficient power for all of the above components.
  7. Select a case which will fit all of these components comfortably.

Beginning your gaming PC build

In order to make your build as efficient as possible, it helps to have a decent workspace and all of the right tools.


You’ll want to ensure you’ve got a large, clear workspace in which to build your gaming PC.

The perfect workspace is something like a large kitchen table or desk.

Whatever you do, don’t work on the floor! Not only is it easy to lose small parts, but if you’re working on carpet then it can lead to a buildup of static electricity which will damage your components.


Building your new gaming PC will be much easier if you’ve got the right tools to hand.

Whilst you don’t need a massive toolkit, there are a few essentials that you should have:

  • Make sure that you’ve got a Phillips-head screwdriver as this will be the tool you use the most throughout the build.
  • These can come in handy for retrieving a screw or bolt if they’ve fallen into a tight, confined space (e.g. behind the motherboard tray).
  • ESD wrist strap. An electrostatic discharge wrist strap will ensure that any build up of static that occurs whilst you’re building your PC is safely dispersed.
  • Zip ties. If you want the inside of your PC to look neat and tidy (especially if you’re using a case with a tempered glass side panel), then invest in some zip ties for cable management purposes.
  • Thermal paste. This is usually included with a new CPU, but you may want to invest in some higher-grade thermal paste if you’re going to overclock your processor.

Length of time to build a PC for gaming

With all of your parts purchased, a workspace sorted and tools ready, it’s time to build your PC!

For an experienced builder, it will normally take between 40 minutes and one hour to build a gaming PC.

If it’s your first time building a gaming PC, then you should set aside between three to four hours for the build. This is because you’ll probably need to spend time referring to instructions, video tutorials and other sources of information as you progress through the build.

The alternative: choose a pre-built gaming PC

If the idea of building your own gaming PC doesn’t appeal to you, then there is an alternative; pre-built gaming PCs.

Back in the day, many gamers built their own PCs as there wasn’t a huge amount of choice when it came to pre-builts.

Today, the situation is very different with many experienced and reputable builders of pre-built gaming PCs providing multiple customisation options; so, it’s easier than ever to get a pre-built gaming PC at CCL Online that’s tailored to your exact requirements.