How Jasper and China Unicom are Driving Demand for IoT Platform for Enterprise


Jasper, a global Internet of Things (IoT) platform provider, has announced that, in the first three months of availability, over 500 enterprises have activated trial accounts on the China Unicom Control Center IoT platform from Jasper.

In that same time period, enterprises in a wide variety of industries – including connected car, retail, theft prevention, wearables and more – have converted their trial accounts into paid accounts enabling them to deploy their IoT services to customers across China.


The response and market adoption illustrate the demand for an IoT platform that can help enterprises rapidly and cost-effectively launch, manage and monetize their IoT services throughout China and globally.

“Forward thinking companies across industries have been quick to adopt the Control Center IoT platform from China Unicom and Jasper. We see significant appetite across China to capitalize on the Internet of Things. These innovators are seizing the opportunity to transform their businesses with IoT services in ways that add value for their customers while growing their revenues,” said Cindy Patterson, Chief Customer Officer at Jasper. “The diversity of industries represented by these companies is remarkable and it is exciting to see this level of activity in such a short time period.”

Enabling Innovative Business Models Throughout China
The combination of China Unicom’s high-performance mobile network and Jasper’s IoT service platform enable rapid time-to-market for businesses, and provides a flexible, turnkey solution that can be configured to meet the specialized needs of businesses across any industry including:

◾Connected Car – Two of China’s 10 largest auto manufacturers are now using Control Center to cost-effectively deliver connected services. One manufacturer is using Control Center to enable a new line of budget-friendly vehicles, giving more people access to value-added connected services in their cars.
◾Retail – Several major retailers have selected the IoT service platform from China Unicom and Jasper to deliver wireless POS and mobile payment services.
◾Theft Prevention – Control Center is being utilized to connect after-market theft detection devices to enable more robust theft prevention services nationwide.
◾Wearables – In a rapidly growing category, wearable manufacturers are selecting Control Center to deliver new, powerful services to the consumer.
◾Portable WiFi Hotspots – A large provider of consumer hotspots, who wanted powerful nationwide connectivity and best-in-class mobile service management, provisioning and real-time diagnostics, chose to deploy on Control Center to ensure the best service for its customers.
◾Telematics – Several after-market telematics service providers have selected Control Center to deliver connected IoT services to vehicles in China.
◾Health – Personal health device manufacturers are leveraging Control Center to transform their hardware-based businesses to service businesses.

Global Scalability for IoT Services

China Unicom is the only operator in China using the same 3G and 4G technologies (WCDMA and FDD-LTE) as the majority of mobile operators worldwide, enabling seamless entry into the Chinese market for multinational enterprises.

And Jasper partners with 27 mobile operator groups worldwide, representing over 100 mobile operator networks – enabling enterprises to configure their services on Jasper’s platform once and easily turn on services on other operators worldwide. Together, China Unicom and Jasper make it easy for enterprises in China to scale their services to other countries to meet customer demand, while also making it easy for enterprises outside of China to expand their services into the country.