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If you ask me, what are the most profitable businesses – the answer is Internet based software companies and they are the ones driving most innovations and meaningful disruptions today

Innovation is the most important factor in today’s success for any business and yes most of the innovation we see today is driven by Internet based companies.

Keeping the above thought in mind, we designed and developed GoConference which is delivering a lot of innovation by enabling seamless teleconferencing services for our customers.

Our e-commerce software with the addition of our API that was written for GoToMeeting is now available to acquire. And we can offer toll-free teleconferencing and also free conferencing using PSTN numbers and direct VoIP connections over the Internet.

Our software has a global market to support toll-free, free and direct VoIP over the Internet teleconferencing services.  We designed our software to be easily brandable and we have an extensive API that is used by web conferencing companies that is similar to the API provided by Twilio.

Our software can generate a residual income or it could be sold to Tier 2 web conferencing companies or large corporations wanting to reduce their teleconferencing costs to near zero.  Now, a little background on how we entered this market.

Sixteen years ago we were running our own distribution business that sold Cisco routers and voice and data services from multiple carriers. We were also trying to sell large teleconferencing bridges from a company called Spectel that was later acquired by Avaya.

In Houston, Texas there was a branch of the global accounting firm Arthur Anderson. Arthur Anderson had a significant client in Houston named Enron. Enron was responsible for building many global infrastructure companies including a very large telecom consortium that built out a global fiber optic network. One of the 12 global facilities that Enron built was sold in a New York bankruptcy court to a Las Vegas based company that is now public corporation called Switch. Our equipment has been installed in the formerly Enron owned facility in Las Vegas now owned by Switch for over 16 years.

Enron it turns out was cooking the books to make their profits look much better than they actually were. Quite a bit apparently. Arthur Anderson’s Houston office was the accounting firm for the public company Enron.  Enron collapsed in a very short period of time when it was realized that Enron’s numbers were not real. All of Enron’s employees lost their jobs and their pensions. Arthur Anderson also went out of business as public CPA firms have fiduciary responsibility to publish the truth.  Felons need not apply for jobs with fiduciary responsibilities.  Arthur Anderson went out of business and became Accenture.

Arthur Anderson’s Houston office had a Spectel teleconference bridge which we acquired on Ebay.  The global teleconference market is large but it requires not only a lot of capital to purchase the equipment, it requires your own software development team.  It requires a complex set of software to turn a teleconference bridge into a residual income business.  You have to provide real-time information and control to the client along with all the invoicing and credit card processing required of an Internet based business.  We had to write our software using PHP, MySql, perl, java, C++, Python and use the SDK from Spectel that was full of major errors.  Our e-commerce software was the first self-help solution for the teleconference market and is also very easy to create brands or private labels to large clients.

We are based in Santa Barbara, California which is also the home for the University of California Santa Barbara (UCSB).  UCSB was one of the original nodes of the DARPA network which later became the Internet.  A very bright fellow from Germany named Klaus Schauser came to UCSB to study Computer Science under Glen Culler, the professor in charge of the DARPA network project.   Klaus Schauser received his PhD in Computer Science from UCSB.

When I met Klaus he had already sold his ExpertCity company to Citrix for around $240M and was expanding the web conferencing product now renamed as GoToMeeting.  Included with a GoToMeeting subscription was free teleconferencing service.  Klaus and our development team defined an API which we wrote and implemented.  Remember I said Klaus was a very bright fellow?  Besides selling ExpertCity to Citrix, Klaus had a contract with AOL to open up the German market to AOL. It was and is a very large market, but AOL did not pay Klaus.  Klaus had to take AOL to the Santa Barbara county courthouse where he was awarded somewhere around $300M from AOL.  A contract is a contract.

So, our e-commerce software with the addition of our API written for GoToMeeting is now available to acquire.  We can offer toll-free teleconferencing and also free conferencing using PSTN numbers and direct VoIP connections over the Internet.

We also have thousands of teleconference ports of Avaya equipment.  Our API was also used by Persony in their web conferencing software to integrate PSTN calls with their web conferences. The link to our video demo of our API working with the Persony web conferencing software can be found in our display ad in this issue.

The owner of Persony is from Taiwan and has many software patents including Apple QuickTimeVR, the world’s first virtual reality software.  I was also the virtual President of Persony and negotiated with Avaya to acquire Persony.

We also have recently integrated our API with a Tier 2 web conferencing company to dramatically lower their costs from Twilio™ from a variable price per minute to a flat rate fee. There are many more Tier 2 web conferencing companies trying to compete against GoToMeeting™, WebEx™ and Zoom™. There are also many global companies that would like to lower their current cost per minute for teleconferencing to a zero cost per minute solution.

Watch our video and give me a call. This is a unique opportunity to own an Internet based software company in a global market.  Here is our link to the landing page that has our short video and API documentation:

The article is published in the December 2020 issue of Disruptive Telecoms.

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