How has live technology changed slot games?


Online slot games, including online slots, are going through a series of changes and modifications thanks to the technological revolution. One such technology that has been incorporated into the slot games is the live technology. It is said to make the slot games more interactive and intriguing. Previously, mobile slots were known as one person’s game but now with the application of live-dealer technology, slots are becoming more communal by nature.

Inclusion of live dealers in slot games

Live casino games are popular among casino players. The live features have been added in games like roulette, Blackjack, poker, etc. Live slots are the latest addition in the slot games. The live slots enjoy some advantages over traditional slot games. Slot games are meant for solo players. There is no scope of interaction whatsoever. But with a live dealer, players can have a face-to-face conversation while playing the game. When the player plays a slot game for free, he has to play with different dealers. It gives him a chance to choose his favourite dealer. He can check out their schedule and play whenever they are available. 

Live slots add an element of socialisation in the game. The game becomes more lively and entertaining than it was before. Many online casinos offer unique settings and backgrounds to make the game more visually appealing. The live dealers are attractive and know the game very well. They are extremely professional and are trained to handle questions and queries by the players. The live slots have very mesmerising graphics accompanied by addictive and groovy soundtracks. The players experience the environment of a simulated, real-life casino right at their homes.

Degree of socialisation

Many online gaming operators have come up with unique ways of integrating live features into the game. Some of them provide games in a live studio environment with a live presenter hosting the game. Bingo uses the chat room features to interact with players, similarly, live chat options have been added in slot games as well. The live chat feature consists of a presenter or a host with whom the players can interact with. The live slot games are more or less similar to the regular slot games. Most of them have 6 reels and 4 rows and offer 5000+ ways to win a game. The RTP is high, valued at 95.96%. Live slots also offer free spins options. Most of them offer payouts that are five times the original bet. Sometimes, the rounds in live slots take more time than in the regular slots. But apart from this, communal slot games are changing the perception of slots just being a solitary activity. Every slot enthusiast out there should try their hands at live slots.

Live Slots Promotions

Many live slots offer exclusive and unique offers and bonuses for their players. These offers help them to maximise their winnings at live-dealer games. Some offer cash backs on the losses accrued from playing live games. Players can participate in live tournaments conducted by some gaming sites. These live tournaments offer special incentives, benefits and cash prizes for playing

Fair Live Slot Games

Live slots rank high on fairness. They come with an RTP which cannot be tampered with or manipulated by the online casino. Since the game is influenced by the actions of the dealer, the outcome is very random. The player can view everything in real-time which also negates the scope of cheating or fraud. The slot games that are shot in live casino studios are pre-recorded. Televisions are set up across the studio to prove that the game has been telecasted during real-time.