How Elisa is challenging startups to build AI-powered apps


The Elisa AI Co-Creation Challenge accelerates world class artificial intelligence teams for creating new AI products and services. In addition to data, business coaching, marketing visibility and the opportunity to do business with Elisa, the winner will receive a prize of EUR 50,000 and pitch at Slush.

In the Elisa AI Co-Creation Challenge, Elisa together with competing teams will explore the possibilities of transforming data into business. The teams will have the option of solving problems within the industry areas Elisa operates: entertaining, industrial IoT, telco processes, digital health and customer service.

Access will be given to the anonymized data needed to train AI models. For example voice recordings and transcripts could be used to create Finnish language voice recognition. Data from Elisa Viihde could be used to provide smart video recommendations. Network data can be utilised in creating intelligent automation in communication networks.

Then participants will be guided through the process of creating a winning idea, testing & experimentation, building a minimum viable product and piloting with a customer. By the end of the competition the aim is to have business up-and-running in production.

“This is an opportunity for startups, researchers and other corporations to work closely with Elisa to access unique data, understand the customer and quickly co-create business. Creating Artificial Intelligence business will have a huge impact to the future of Finnish society” says Henri Korpi, Elisa’s Executive Vice President of New Business Development.

The Elisa AI Co-Creation Challenge application period has already started; participants can submit a 3 minute video summary of their team and idea to Elisa. Competition ideas must be submitted to Elisa by 1st July 2018.

By 20th July, Elisa’s panel will select the 10-15 most interesting proposals submitted by the deadline. The competition will culminate in December at Slush, when the finalists will pitch and the winner will be awarded with the prize of EUR 50,000.

Competition description and terms:

Telecomdrive Bureau
TelecomDrive is an effort to create a unique content focused platform for the telecoms and communications segment.