How does product testing work?


As modern business develops, competition on the market is higher than ever before. People involved in the business industry start to realize that for advancing the company, it’s important to ensure that it’s offering high-quality products to its consumers to keep up with rivals. This is why product testing has become a commonly-used term in today’s society, as brands are trying hard to control the quality of their products, attract the customers, and achieve their goals.

Product testing can simply be described as a process of checking how correctly and safely some new products work. It ensures that the product is delivering its benefits and is acceptable for the customers. This process is becoming more beneficial for companies in several ways. First of all, companies can measure the effects of aging on products. It’s important to track your service’s relevance, especially in today’s technology-based businesses. Also, this process helps companies to detect potential threats from competing products, as they can find any flaw in the product. Besides, product testing can be applied to customers to determine whether this product will sell well or needs some improvement before hitting the market or how safe it is for general use.

What needs to be tested?

There is a long list of the products which need to be tested before they gain certification and take part in the sales. For example, safety testing is done to home appliances and electronics, building products, things connected to heating, ventilation and air conditioning, industrial production, cables and wiring, and everything that can put somebody’s life in danger. Manufacturers also test IT equipment,  lighting, personal protective, and medical equipment, and much more.

But this kind of material production isn’t everything that can be checked in the process of product testing. For example, how strange it may sound, something very complicated like trading also requires testing before running smoothly and this process in trading is called backtesting. It’s a method of evaluating a strategy by appealing to the historical market data. For example, if you need to perform backtesting on MetaTrader 4, which is an electronic trading platform, you can see a guide to backtesting on MT4 to get to know this strategy step by step. It’s important to determine whether the given strategy would be successful in the past, making sure that traders can incorporate that strategy in the present. This process is essential to increase outcomes for the traders and to check the effectiveness of their strategies. It’s a kind of simulation and if it doesn’t bring a profit, then it may mean that it can be unsuccessful in real-life trading as well.

According to Intertek, there are many international security standards that products must meet to get a certification mark from NTRL – Nationally Recognized Testing Lab. And if something has this kind of label, you can feel free to use it as it meets safety requirements and will likely operate as it’s supposed to do so.

Software testing

There are several different ways of software testing process and the process of testing can be authorized as manual or automated and there are distinct differences between these two types of testing. Manual testing needs physical time and energy to test that software code operates correctly and does everything the way it’s supposed to do. Manual testing involves checking log files, external services, and the database and the process is extremely time-consuming. There a human being is responsible for testing the software functionally but in automated testing, no such thing happens, the process is fully automated and it requires less time for exploratory tests. However, the disadvantage of automatic testing is that it’s necessary to update it with each newly added test case so that a developer can be certain that they did not break the old functionality.

Application testing

Another important part of the product testing process is application testing. It’s a process when software testers check the functionality, usability, and consistency of the application, something that is conducted so frequently by almost every software tester during their careers. In general, there are three types of applications of the software: desktop, web, and mobile applications, and they are tested in different ways. For example, in desktop application testing, it’s important to pay attention to installation as well as uninstallation tests to fully fulfill the testing requirements of the app.  For web applications, software testers usually observe the performance, load, and security of the app. And in mobile application testing, key challenges are to check if the app is downloadable if it’s possible to pick up the phone while executing the app and testers also need to pay close attention to device availability, scripting, compatibility, mobile network operators, etc.,

In general, there are three universally accepted application testing strategies and these are Black Box, White Box, and Grey Box. Black Box is used for functional, non-functional, and regression testing. White Box is focused on validating how the business logic is implemented by the program. And Grey Box is a mixture of White and Black Box. Usually, testers use a black-box approach but for some critical modules, the white box strategy is more effective.


To sum up, now you probably understand why product testing is important in today’s business industry. First of all, ensures the acceptability of the product for the consumers which eventually results in customer satisfaction. Then, you will gain information about its reliability, costs, and benefits, and may even get a level from the NRTL for your product. If you deliver an untested product to the customer and it fails to provide them with provided benefits, you will probably lose a customer, and even more, the reputation of your company may decrease. This is why it’s important to take precautions, test your products carefully, and satisfy your customers’ needs. That way, the chances for your company to succeed are much higher.

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