How Does a Mobile Casino Work?


With most people around the world now owning a smartphone, there’s no reason to not use it for entertainment purposes. With the gambling industry booming and continuing to grow more than ever, we’re seeing more and more mobile casinos pop up and be used by people around the world.

In today’s article, we find out what a mobile casino is, and how they work differently from the normal casinos you may use online. 

What is a Mobile Casino?

A mobile casino is just like your average online casino, however, is optimized to be played on your phone. In short, a mobile casino is just a casino that you can use on your phone without any problems. Most casinos have some kind of mobile app or website that works on a phone, but casinos that are optimized for mobiles will work perfectly on your mobile devices such as an Android phone, iPhone, or tablet (like an iPad). 

How does a Mobile Casino work?

A mobile casino works in a very similar way to the online casinos that you may access through a URL/Website link. Mobile casinos are clones of their websites, with many big casino providers trying to force the display on mobile casinos to only change the website, making the apps or website hard to use.

However, some mobile casinos – create a new and more optimized layout and user experience. Casinos like PartyCasino do have a website, however, have a more optimized and slightly better casino app and mobile form. This means that they have spent time and taken care of any issues that might arise from players on mobile.

Mobile casinos in general though will let you place bets and deposit in the same way as you would online. The only difference that most people will notice is that the games are slightly different (sizing-wise, because your phone is too small to have large games so are often compressed), and you may also be granted ApplePay or GooglePay (SamsungPay too) as payment options which you may not be able to do online. This is usually native to the phone you’re on, and the payment options the mobile casino are open to accepting. 

Are there any downsides to a Mobile casino?

Whilst there are quite a few benefits to using a mobile casino, there are a few downsides but not so many that mean you shouldn’t give it a go! Let’s find out some of the downsides;

Technology (Compatbility)

At the moment, there are quite a few mobile casinos that you can use and try – however, online casinos are still struggling with the technology to optimize and make mobile casino games and user experience better. We know that major casino brands are working on this, but at the moment – it’s not all the way there which might be why it’s still a little uncommon. 

Difficuilt to Use

If you’re someone who is hard of hearing, or hard of sight and can’t review anything on a small screen – then pressing buttons and trying to play bets on a mobile casino may be tough for you. Not only this, but most casinos that have built a website will try to push all the content from the online website casino into a mobile version, which can make things extremely hard to use – and in the worst case, unusable. 

Small Scale

As we’ve partially covered above, playing on a mobile casino is smaller than if you could on a tablet, or a PC/Desktop device. This small scale can also be hard for people with big fingers, or people who can’t see very well. These are all things to consider when using an online mobile casino. 

Are there benefits to using a Mobile Casino?

Whilst there are a few downsides to using a mobile casino app or website where you can play the casino from your mobile – there are a handful of benefits to using a mobile casino. Let’s jump into it! 


Playing on an online casino itself is more convenient than your typical brick-and-mortar casino, however when using a mobile device to play wherever you are in the world, even if you’re on a train or at work – then this makes it even more convenient. Playing on a mobile casino can offer a much larger range of convenience than any other form of gambling. 

More Immersive Gameplay

In some cases, you can have more immersive gameplay when playing on an online casino, with your phone! In some cases, you can even have your mobile phone display the table (i.e a roulette table) on a coffee table or at your desk which can make for an amazing AR experience. 

What games do Mobile Casinos offer?

Most mobile casinos offer everything your typical online casino will cover, such as normal tables game like roulette, blackjack and poker, but will usually have many more slot games such as Fruit Party 2, Money Train, or Wanted: Dead or a Wild. 

If you want to play slot machines online, why not consider your next one to be on a mobile casino or a casino app that you can get on your phone or tablet and play real money casino games on there! 

Is it safe to play on Mobile Casinos?

Yes! In most cases, it’s safe to play on mobile casinos. Something to note, however, is that when you play on any casino, but specifically mobile casinos – is that you should check for the license. Although most major brands like Ladbrokes, Bet365, 888 and Stake all have their license on every page – their reputation alone can be used to confirm they are legitimate casinos. 

If you’re playing on a lesser-known mobile casino or any casino for that matter – then make sure you do a quick search into who they are, and if they have a valid gambling license. Once you’ve checked (or maybe checked a review or two) then you’re all good to start gambling! 


We hope this guide has helped you understand what, and how mobile casinos work and when you should use them for your online gambling experience. Let us know your thoughts and let us know if you have any questions, but be sure to check out some of the best slot machines!