How Datawind UbiSlate 3G7Z is Presenting Great Value for Consumers


At a time when a lot of customers look for better and powerful device options to meet their converged work and personal needs – Datawind UbiSlate 3G7Z Dual Core Dual SIM 3G Calling Tablet with 1GB RAM – is presenting a unique value proposition for the end customer community today.

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We have reviewed this product for the past one month and are presenting our experience below.

Great Value for Money

This tablet is simply redefining the value for money as far as customers are customers are concerned. For casual computing needs, this Datawind UbiSlate Tablet is really the best option at this super affordable price range of INR 5,999. I really like every feature of this tablet – whether it is its calling capability or screen resolution, screen size or the ability to handle Wi-Fi in an efficient manner.

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Powerful Processor

Powered by high end Cortex A7 processor, this tablet makes every computing process smooth and swift. We did not experience any moment, where the tablet hanged. Overall, we have found that this tablet is highly suitable for casual computing usage.

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And most importantly, this tablet is light weight and hence, this entry level tablet is perfectly designed to make computing process delightful and delivers ease of use as well.

When we used it thoroughly, this light-weight and user-friendly Datawind UbiSlate helped us quickly take pics, view videos, listen to music and surf the web all on the go. We are surely recommending this!

The tablet can be turned into a 3G enabled mobile device by putting in a 3G supported SIM card and you can get high speeds of internet on this device making your web browsing experience a fast and smooth one.

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This tablet also supports the latest WiFi – Aware technology and it comes enabled with it. This can enhance the overall Wi-Fi user experience in terms of connecting the right Wi-Fi network for a breezy web usage.

Big Value Proposition

There is one significant value proposition that comes with this – Datawind is giving free internet browsing of 1 year with Reliance communications and Telenor connection.

The tablet runs on DataWind’s web-delivery platform covered by 18 U.S. and international patents allowing the devices to deliver fast mobile web experience on regular GSM-EDGE based networks.

Additionally, this unique technology reduces bandwidth consumption by factors of 10x to 30x, allowing the delivery of web pages across even congested GPRS networks in 5 to 7 seconds.

Datawind UbiSlate 3G7Z Features

Model names 3G7Z
MRP ₹ 5,999.00
OS Version Android 4.4.2
CPU Type 2x Cortex A7
CPU Clock 1GHz
RAM/Type 1GB
ROM/Type 8GB
Screen Size 7″
Screen Resolution 1024*600
WiFi Hotspot YES
WiFi Direct YES
Bluetooth support YES
Internal Modem (GPRS/EDGE/3G/LTE) 3G
SIM port 2x2FF (mini)
Vibrator YES
Phone Speaker (front receiver) YES
Internal microphone YES
Speaker/Speakerphone (s) YES
Camera Front/Rear 0.3MP / 3MP


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