How Comptel’s ‘MONETIZER’ Can Help CSPs Do More With Less


With an aim to considerably reduce the time to market capabilities for operators and CSPs, Comptel Corporation has unveiled MONETIZER, a business policy and charging toolset enabling digital and communications service providers to innovate and design rich service offers instantly.


With MONETIZER, operators can create, configure, launch and modify dynamic, contextual packages – and profit from consumers’ data usage – in minutes instead of months.


“Generation Cloud customers love what they can do with their data services, and they will continue to consume more of them, so long as operators can create options and provide them rapidly,” said Kari Onniselka, EVP, Intelligent Data, Comptel. “MONETIZER™ enables just this. With it, digital and communications service providers can quickly cut product development and design time, and rapidly roll out a myriad of different service and monetisation options, including shared accounts, Over-the-Top (OTT) content bundles, sponsored services, roaming data packages and time-based app access, to meet consumers’ unique requirements and efficiently generate revenue.”

“As more businesses begin to deploy network function virtualisation (NFV), increasingly advanced policy control and charging solutions – like MONETIZER™ – will ensure the business elasticity that operators need to create new services and solutions for this emerging technology,” continued Onniselka. “It’s shape shifting, able to adapt to NFV environments and is fully configurable as needed.”

MONETIZER™ goes beyond traditional Policy and Charging Rules Function (PCRF) by introducing natively combined policies, rating and balance management software modules. It also leverages a common easy-to-use and consumer-like Charging Policy Offer Designer (CPOD) that supports the hyper-fast onboarding of new or third-party services.

The solution brings down offer creation time by decoupling the customer-facing offer design work from the network-facing technology setup and configurations. Now, marketers and project managers can spend their time developing and growing the business, without worrying about technical details or if creating complex bundles is even possible.

“MONETIZER™ is a peace-keeping force between business teams and network teams, reducing the friction between these entities, which often kills speed and innovation,” said Onniselka. “In the era of the Internet of Things (IoT) and with cloud services and OTT collaboration, monetisation opportunities are endless. Removing complexity and slowness from the offer creation process—and without losing control over it—is essential.”

Comptel CMO Ari Vänttinen says that the company is targeting global market with MONETIZER. As a company, Comptel has a very large customer base of 300 digital and communications service provider customers in 90 countries.


“The market is becoming increasingly complex, with Generation Cloud customers demanding options and speed. And yet, operators are still dealing with very long development and launch times for new services. This is one of the biggest challenges facing digital and communications service providers today. Operators need to be able to offer new data bundles faster to the impatient Generation Cloud. That means acting at the speed of the Internet, cutting development times from months to minutes,” Vänttinen explains.

The policy market is also under disruption – it’s growing beyond traditional PCRF, which is driving a lot of the change. To support more complex and fully elastic service and data bundle creation, which often includes third party content, there is a need to integrate balance management and rating capabilities more tightly with policy control.

“With Comptel’s Policy and Charging Control (PCC) at the heart of its MONETIZER™ solution, and with CPOD (Charging Policy Offer Designer), MONETIZER™ offers the tools to address these policy market changes by efficiently responding to the operator customers’ needs for flexibility, agility and ease-of-use. Ultimately, it’s creating fast offer creation supported by an offer library – a must if operators are to stay competitive moving forward,” he adds on.

Speaking about the trials happening with Comptel, Vänttinen confirms that Comptel has several ongoing trials at this point in time, most of which are taking place in Europe.

“We are looking forward to starting some new trials in regions outside of Europe. We are also working closely with our partners in MONETIZER product trials,” he added.