How Chinese Smartphone maker ‘Vargo Technology’ is Providing closed-loop security

Vargo, known for its ultralight titanium backpacking gear, has added the first titanium external frame backpack in the United States, the Ti-Arc, to its product line. (PRNewsFoto/Vargo Outdoors)

China based Vargo Technology, a new entrant into the smartphone segment is offering a unique proposition towards securing mobile devices with the help of Anti-Cloud-based Invasion System.

Vargo Technology already has a sales network covering 19 provinces across China and now the company is planing to expand its operations outside China as well.

All Vargo IT employees are communications security professionals, with experience in building the framework and infrastructure of secure communication systems for and providing the necessary support services to government agencies, companies and large organizations.

With four years of experience under their belt, the team completed the development of an encryption technology encompassing the server, transmission and mobile end points of the communications chain as well as a completely closed communication system independent of the operator network during data transfer. The privacy protection system cuts off system-level intrusion into information and provides full protection of user applications and data.

The Anti-Eavesdropping System prevents real-time monitoring and post decoding; the Anti-Cloud-based Invasion System is powered by security technologies, including the distributed storage technology that provides avoidance of a single point of failure, differing encryption algorithms for users preventing intrusion from hackers, as well as a more powerful unified permission management functionality and efficient transmission of data.

The latest versions of the Ivargo Qifan and Ivargo Zhuoyue smartphones come equipped with these leading technologies.

Vargo’s future plans are to expand beyond its home market. “The company does not rule out the possibility of expanding into overseas markets. There is huge potential in the global mobile information security market and it is an opportunity for Ivargo.” Explained, Fu Zhaowei, CEO, Vargo Technology.

“We will enter in the overseas market at the right time,” commented Fu in a media statement.