How Calix is Taking the Guesswork Out of Access Network Capacity

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Calix, Inc. has announced a new Network Capacity Assessment Service to quickly provide communications service providers (CSPs) actionable insights into access networks, enabling them to proactively address bottlenecks before they impact subscribers.

This new addition to the Calix Professional Services portfolio is bundled with the Remote Monitoring Service to provide critical visibility into both broadband traffic capacity and network alarms.

In the wake of COVID-19, CSPs have seen massive surges in network usage and realize that proper insights into capacity and intelligent alarm analytics are critical to solving problems proactively, remotely, and safely.

To help Calix customers relieve operational strain and improve efficiencies while working remotely, they can leverage Remote Monitoring Incident Notifications for 60 days without charge. Due to popular demand, Calix has extended the sign-up of this popular no-charge offer through the end of May 2020.

West Carolina Tel (WCTEL), recognized by BroadbandNow as one of the top ten fastest Internet providers nationwide, is taking advantage of the reporting and guidance of the Network Capacity Assessment Service.

“Information is critical to making network decisions, and the Network Capacity Assessment Service provides snapshots and graphs that enable us to pinpoint and resolve bandwidth issues,” said Troy Mack, manager of network operations for South Carolina-based WCTEL. “The weekly report provides the right amount of actionable data that helps us focus on current issues in the network but also gives us the ability to compare traffic patterns to past weeks. This enables us to be informed in our decisions and make changes if need be. Furthermore, as we continue to compile records over time, we will have the data to plan appropriate expansions to our network.”

The new Network Capacity Assessment Service provides critical information on network bandwidth including:
• Graphical views of port utilization with specific insights on peak usage and peak events
• Actionable intelligence on the heaviest traffic in the PON network, including contextual information on the number of assigned subscribers and associated bandwidth provisioned
• Detailed upstream and downstream traffic statistics on themost used uplink and transport ports

The Network Capacity Assessment Service also includes access to a dedicated Calix Professional Services engineer, who serves as a CSP’s own network expert. This engineer holds scheduled reviews with the CSP to discuss the findings of network capacity reports and provides guidance to alleviate potential access network capacity bottlenecks before they impact subscribers.

The reporting and guidance are highly complementary to the benefits of alarm analytics and the rapid intelligent incident notifications provided by the Remote Monitoring Service. Both are now available to CSPs in a bundle to better equip them to address long term capacity, performance, and operational challenges. As CSPs encounter new restrictions on their workforce and face the new normal of surging subscriber broadband traffic, the benefits and capabilities of Network Capacity Assessment and Remote Monitoring will be vital.

“Insights are important, but it is critical that the data be actionable to network operations teams—especially as they handle the consistent traffic increases that have become synonymous with COVID-19,” said Matt Collins, chief marketing officer for Calix. “We are committed to helping these teams ready their networks and staff to handle the performance challenges they will face as the industry works toward the new normal. This new professional service and the Remote Monitoring Service bundle give CSPs new tools to address the unique challenge of keeping increasingly demanding subscribers connected while also working remotely to keep their own employees safe.”