How Batelco is Making Bahrain the Most Connected Island

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Batelco has completely redesigned its Fiber packages to offer higher speeds and boosted usage, which will see maximum speeds of 1Gbps and a minimum of 50Mbps, under the campaign slogan of “Batelco is making Bahrain the most connected island in the world.”

Batelco’s new Fiber packages start from 50Mbps speed with 750GB usage, compared to the previous 10Mbps, representing a significant boost in both speed and usage for the entry package. Speeds of 250Mbps and 1Gbps have also been introduced to the new Fiber packages range, both featuring unlimited usage.

The big news for many users who depend heavily on the Internet such as gamers and content creators is that Batelco has increased the maximum Fiber speed from 500Mbps to 1Gbps at a lower price than the previous top package, from BD150 to BD125.

Commenting on the new Fiber packages, Batelco GM Consumer Division Maitham Abdulla said, “We are committed to revolutionizing our offerings and making Bahrain the most connected island in the world. The new Fiber packages will mark a new era of Fiber Internet experience at home.”

“We are extremely excited to offer this new line-up of fast Internet packages to both our new and existing Fiber customers as trends shift and customer expectations evolve. The team at Batelco worked on creating the new Fiber packages range with a minimum speed of 50Mbps and a maximum of 1Gbps, providing customers with an unbeatable Fiber experience.”

Batelco existing Fiber customers will receive an SMS of the added benefits at no additional costs, as well as the planned migration date. New customers are invited to subscribe to Batelco’s new Fiber packages by visiting or any Batelco Retail shop.