How Amdocs CES 9.3 Can Help CSPs Become ‘Experience Providers’


Driving new age experience delivery for CSPs and telecom operators, Amdocs CES 9.3 includes new online commerce solution to enable service providers in order to offer multi-play communications services with digital and hard goods.

Amdocs, the global provider of customer experience solutions, has launched of Amdocs CES 9.3, the company’s latest portfolio release introducing new solutions for online commerce, interactive bills, big data marketing, care and network analytics, as well as cross-portfolio enhancements to improve system performance.

As a result service providers are able to inspire customers with exciting services, create intelligent interactions and deliver a dynamic quality of experience, all the while accelerating business value.

Amdocs CES 9.3 spans industry-specific business and operational support systems (B/OSS) and network control and optimization systems. Continuing to build on strong portfolio integration, Amdocs CES 9.3 enables service providers to respond to the multi-dimensional market demands that are driving The New World of Customer Experience, an era where service providers are expected to offer innovative and personalized services, delivered consistently across channels and with a seamless network service experience. This latest portfolio release also accelerates business value for service providers by streamlining complex operating environments, driving cost reduction and speeding time to market for new products and services.

“Customers have become more tech-savvy. They expect service providers to constantly raise the innovation bar with new digital services, while providing better network service, a more personalized customer experience and complete information consistency across channels. And they want control over the whole process,” said Mark Mortensen, BSS Practice Head at Analysys Mason. “Integrated suites, such as Amdocs CES 9.3, can ensure the delivery of such a customer-controlled high-quality experience across all these dimensions. It is not just about incrementally making things better – to thrive and grow, the traditional communications service providers of today must become the digital service providers of tomorrow.”

“Addressing customer experience across all these multiple dimensions adds further complexity to service providers’ already complex systems environments, especially when business agility is critical to addressing new regulations and heightened competition from consolidated players and over-the-top entrants,” said Chris Williams, head of global marketing at Amdocs. “It’s therefore critical for service providers to find ways to introduce operational efficiencies and accelerate business value. Amdocs CES 9.3 delivers cross-portfolio enhancements which improve systems performance, ensuring our customers can offer new services in a timely manner amidst this complexity, while lowering operational costs.”