How Amdocs Can Optimize Multi-Vendor, Multi-Technology HetNets


Taking radio access network (RAN) optimization to the next level, Amdocs, a global provider of customer experience solutions, has announced an integrated solution to optimize multi-vendor, multi-technology, heterogeneous networks (HetNets).


The Amdocs Centralized Management and Optimization solution is the only radio access network (RAN) optimization solution that embeds multi-vendor network intelligence to enable mobile network operators to deliver optimal coverage and capacity in complex, multi-vendor networks across 2G, 3G, and LTE/ 4G and deliver a seamless quality of experience (QoE) for customers.

According to new, independent research1 service providers are moving towards multi-vendor networks in order to deliver the dense capacity required for a projected 1,000-times increase in data volumes by 2020, and support a strong user experience.

The research reveals two common factors in planned networks – greater variety and complexity, and a greater number of cells – and also shows an increasing demand for vendor-independent optimization solutions in recognition that delivering a great customer experience requires more than just raw capacity.

The Amdocs Centralized Management and Optimization solution offers integrated, customer value-driven network management and optimization software linking network performance to subscriber identity and business value. Fully integrated with the Amdocs Insight Big Data platform and able to utilize Amdocs’ Deep Network Analytical applications correlates IT, network and business data and coordinates actions to improve capacity and quality when and where it matters most.

The new solution combines customer experience analytics, root cause analysis and self-optimizing networks (SON) algorithms to simplify network management, maximize coverage and capacity, enable innovative optimization services, and allow for intelligent, targeted marketing to improve return on investment; all the while reducing operational and capital expenditure.

The Amdocs Centralized Management and Optimization solution includes:

•Amdocs Customer Experience Geo-Location – reduces customer experience issues by up to 75 percent2 by automatically building traffic and quality of experience maps that enable the identification of congestion hotspots, quality issues and network problems, linking to customer data to allow service providers to focus activities where they will drive greater profitability.

•Amdocs SON – reduces dropped calls by up to 20 percent2 by simplifying network management and maximizing network potential through automated optimization, enabling service providers to deliver effective customer experience improvements by targeting optimization based on customer revenue and business value.

•Amdocs Automatic Intelligent Correlation (AIC) – a RAN management solution that reduces time to diagnose network problems by up to 86 percent2 through automatic detection problems, proposing short-term operational and maintenance fixes along with long-term optimization solutions.

•Amdocs Benchmarking – provides automated benchmark diagnostics to enable an up to 80 percent2 reduction in processing time to plan network improvements, correlate benchmark results with subscriber experience and improve the effectiveness of marketing campaigns.

•Amdocs Network Acceptance – implements automated, independent verification of network quality and detailed problem investigation prior to network launch, enforcing transparent and unambiguous KPIs, ensuring launch quality in LTE and small cell rollouts, reducing network acceptance time by up to 80 percent2.

“In The New World of Customer Experience, data network quality has become a critical differentiator for service providers with higher value placed on data coverage and download speeds by customers. With increasing mobile traffic driving up network costs , operators need to find ways to create a differentiated experience while controlling operational costs and delaying capital expenditure,” said Ann Hatchell, head of network marketing at Amdocs. “As service providers roll out complex, multi-vendor networks to meet customer’s expectations, vendor-independent RAN optimization solutions will be critical to minimize cost and maximize QoE. The Amdocs Centralized Management and Optimization solution goes beyond SON, with agile, intelligent and integrated solutions to shape quality of experience, maximize coverage and capacity, optimize investment and drive revenues.”