Hotwire Taps Nokia to deploy XGS-PON fiber for ultra-broadband services


Hotwire, one of the leading US fiber-optic telecommunications providers specializing in residential and commercial services, will deploy Nokia’s XGS-PON1 fiber solution to enhance its network and deliver new, high-quality 10Gbps broadband services to its customers.

The roll-out brings some of the fastest broadband speeds to Hotwire’s Florida and North Carolina customers, including Salisbury, North Carolina – Hotwire’s latest public-private partnership – and will expand to support other such partnerships in the future.

Hotwire’s deployment of Nokia’s XGS-PON solution reflects its commitment to continually develop the capabilities and speed of its market-leading network, and is an important step towards extending new ultra-broadband services such as streaming video in 4k, 8k and 12k.

The deployment also provides a cost-effective upgrade path for Hotwire’s existing fiber network, which covers most of the US east coast, allowing the company to seamlessly move from GPON (2.5Gbps) to XGS-PON (10Gbps) using the same access node.

Jonathan Bullock, VP of Corporate Development & Government at Hotwire, said: “From the beginning, Hotwire has focused on deploying cutting-edge technology to ensure our customers experience the very best of broadband. This is why we invest in future-proof fiber and build direct fiber infrastructure into every home and business we serve. We’re now making that network even faster for our customers by rolling out the first 10-Gigabit service in Florida and North Carolina. Hotwire is excited to partner with Nokia, which is at the forefront of next-generation PON technology. With Nokia’s solution, we can radically enhance the capacity of our network with minimal impact or network upgrades.”

Federico Guillen, president of Nokia Fixed Networks business group, said: “We are excited to help Hotwire kick off their 10Gbps service and provide the tools, resources and expertise they need to deliver better, faster and smarter ultra-broadband access to customers in Florida and North Carolina. With a proven track record of next-generation fiber technology deployments, we were able to demonstrate how our XGS-PON solution could help provide a cost-effective path to 10Gbps and support the enhanced ultra-broadband services Hotwire required. We look forward to continuing supporting Hotwire as it provides best-in-class broadband to its residential, commercial and government customers throughout the US Southeast.”