[Guide]: File Recovery Freeware for Windows 10 and 11


Scenario: How to recover lost files

“Hello, I was editing a work file on my computer just now, but I don’t know why the computer suddenly shut down. After restarting, the file can’t be opened. I’ve looked in the recycle bin and other places, but didn’t find it. That’s important to me, and I don’t have backups either. My machine is running Windows 10 and I was wondering if there is file recovery freeware to help me get back my lost files? Please let me know, thanks in advance!”

It is possible to recover deleted files?

Now, more and more people are used to storing important data on the computer. Although this is more convenient to obtain, it also greatly increases the risk of data loss. Because we may encounter situations such as computer forced shutdown, virus or malware attack, accidental deletion, etc. Many people are at a loss when our data is accidentally lost. They think lost data can never be recovered.

In fact, accidentally deleted files can be recovered. Because when you empty the recycle bin, the user can’t find it from the original path. But a copy of the target file is still stored on the hard drive, just not visible to the user. We can recover deleted files from a copy of that file. But if the copy is overwritten, there is absolutely no way to recover it.

File recovery freeware: Recover deleted/lost files easily

Maybe you know that we can recover deleted files by Windows FileRecovery, but you probably don’t know much about it. I will give you a detailed explanation.

Windows File Recovery is a free file recovery software released by Microsoft. Although it is official software, it has certain limitations. The lack of a graphical interface is a disadvantage for most users, since not everyone can type the command line correctly. Users may also spend a lot of time learning the prerequisite parameters that need to be typed before using it. And it is easy to make mistakes in the process of entering the command line, causing the recovery to fail.

To avoid these problems, you can try this file recovery freeware – WinfrGUI. This is a completely free file recovery program with a graphic interface that supports users to retrieve lost/deleted files with a few clicks. It has the following advantages:

  • The function of Windows File Recovery is fully invoked to achieve the same effect.
  • Safe, no bundled software is carried during the download process
  • Support Windows 10/11, NTFS/FAT/exFAT/ReFS.
  • Recover media files/office files/ZIP files, etc., including JPEG//PDF/DOCX/MP3/EXCEL/ZIP, etc.
  • Provides Quick Scan and Deep Scan two scan modes. The former can restore files with directory structure and file names under the NTFS file system, and the latter can restore more files with lost directory structures and file names.

Step 1. Download and install WinfrGUI. Then, run it.

Step 2. On the main interface, first select the partition where the deleted/lost files are located. Then select the saved path.

Step 3. Then, you can choose a scanning mode. Additionally, you can click Advanced Settings to select target file types or target folders. Then click “OK”.

Step 4. Finally, click Start Recovery.

Wrap things up

If you are still troubled by not knowing how to recover lost files, then I believe that after reading this tutorial, you already have the answer in your mind.

WinfrGUI is such an excellent file recovery freeware. As a free alternative to Windows File Recovery, it offers a graphical interface and step-by-step guides that free you from complicated command lines. If you haven’t tried WinfrGUI, please don’t hesitate any longer.