Guavus Brings Guavus-IQ Cloud-based Analytics with AWS


With the gravity of customer data shifting rapidly to the cloud, telecom operators are increasing adopting cloud Platform-as-a-service (PaaS) to virtualize their networks and deliver an improved customer experience and new services.

The agility and scale of PaaS enables operators to start small and grow as their needs change and helps lower their upfront CAPEX compared to on-premises equipment deployment.

Addressing this transformation, Guavus has launched Guavus-IQ on Amazon Web Services (AWS), providing mobile network operators (MNOs) new cloud-enabled analytics insights on their subscribers’ interests and behavior as well as on their own network operations.

Guavus-IQ provides operators highly correlated analytics insights on how each subscriber is experiencing their services and network and how their network is impacting their subscribers. This single, real-time perspective helps operators identify network behavioral patterns and better address demands across their operational domains — subscriber, edge, service and core. These analytics insights can allow operators to increase revenue opportunities through data monetization and improved customer experience, as well as reduce costs through automated, closed-loop actions.

Guavus’ relationship with AWS builds on the companies’ earlier work together on streaming edge analytics. AWS currently licenses Guavus’ SQLstream for streaming edge analytics technology for use in its Amazon Kinesis Data Analytics, which powers the applications of thousands of AWS customers.

The SQLstream technology plays a key role in Guavus-IQ as well, providing real-time, cloud-enabled streaming analytics from network edge to core for 4G and 5G networks, giving operators a hyper-distributed and massively scalable architecture with better price/performance and total cost of ownership.

In addition, hear from presenters from AWS and Guavus on the new webinar: Communications Service Providers (CSPs) – Securing Digital Transactions & Helping Retailers Thrive. They outline how operators can better enable online retailers with high-value, cloud-based marketing analytics to really understand their retail customers, their habits and content interests, so they can tailor their offerings and ultimately grow their business.

Guavus and AWS have a shared vision of helping operators accelerate their digital transformation initiatives and improve their customer experience through real-time decisioning. Our collaboration with AWS gives operators a seamless path to the cloud that provides fast, powerful and easy access to Guavus-IQ AI-based analytics and enables trusted, real-time decisions with analytics that everyone – regardless of skill level in their organization – can understand and use,” explained, Alexander Shevchenko, CEO of Guavus, a Thales company.