GSMA Set to Innovate on New Consumer Experiences at 2014 Mobile Asia Expo

The GSMA has provided several updates for the 2014 GSMA Mobile Asia Expo taking place 11-13  June at the Shanghai New International Expo Centre (SNIEC) in Shanghai. The GSMA is introducing new programmes and experiences for tech-savvy consumers attending Mobile Asia Expo, including the Fitbit Challenge and “The Quest for Area  14” mobile treasure hunt.

The GSMA also announced a number of new exhibitors and  partners, Mobile Forum keynote speakers and new events and meetings.

“The new programmes  and activities that we’re announcing today offer Mobile Asia Expo attendees,  particularly consumers from Shanghai, an even richer, more engaging event  experience,” said Michael O’Hara, Chief Marketing Officer, GSMA. “Through new programmes  such as the innovative “The Quest for Area 14” game, the Fitbit Challenge and  Showcase Dialogue sessions, along with established elements like the Connected  City, attendees will really have the opportunity to see how mobile is changing  the way we work, live and play.”

New Exhibitors at  Mobile Asia Expo   The Mobile Asia Expo exhibition  showcases the latest technologies, products and services from across the mobile  ecosystem. Several additional companies have signed on to exhibit at Mobile  Asia Expo, including Aicent, China Telecom, China Unicom, Coolpad, Dell, Dongguan  Hydrowarriors Nanotechnology, Freescale Semiconductor Ltd., Funtalk China, Green  Packet, Oberthur Technologies, Peel, Québec Government Office in Shanghai, Consulate  General of Canada and TVHelp, among others.

Real-World  Experiences in the GSMA Connected City The GSMA announced the first  companies participating in the Connected City at Mobile Asia Expo, including BMW,  CityZen, Fitbit, Huawei, KT and Sequans. Through  the Connected City, attendees will experience a real-world urban environment  with mobile-connected products and services that can improve people’s daily  lives across automotive, education, health, homes, retail and other  applications.

Fitbit Challenge  Comes to MAE   In addition to its showcase in the  Connected City, Fitbit is working with the GSMA to bring the Fitbit Challenge  to Mobile Asia Expo. Fitbit’s best-selling products will soon be available  across China, including the Fitbit Flex™ Activity and Sleep Wristband, Fitbit  One™ Wireless Activity and Sleep Tracker, Fitbit Zip™ Wireless Activity Tracker  and Fitbit Aria Wi-Fi Smart Scale. Challenge participants will use Fitbit  devices to monitor their daily activity, share statistics and see the real  impact that live personal data can have on activity levels.

Introducing  “The Quest for Area 14” Mobile Treasure Hunt   The GSMA is launching “The Quest for  Area 14”, a mobile game featuring augmented reality technology that will take  players on a treasure hunt across Shanghai. Players download the app, which is  available for both iOS and Android handsets, and follow clues that will lead  them around the city and the SNIEC to “capture” treasures. Upon signing into  the app, all players receive complimentary entry to Mobile Asia Expo; in order  to be eligible for the game, players must be registered to attend the event. The  game will be launched at the end of May and will run through the end of Mobile  Asia Expo on Friday, 13th June. The winners of the game will receive  prizes including mobile handsets, tablets, televisions and other consumer electronics.