Gridspace Engaged in Partnership and Network Integration with Twilio


Gridspace has announced a partnership and a network integration with the Twilio Voice platform. The integration gives Twilio Voice customers the ability to activate Gridspace Sift voice services for call review and task automation with only a click.

Existing enterprise Gridspace Sift customers also benefit from the new real-time integration with Twilio. For the first time, Gridspace Sift enterprise customers can analyze Twilio Voice and Twilio Flex calls in Gridspace Sift without uploading batch audio files.

“Enterprise contact center architects want access to best-of-breed capabilities without integration headaches,” said Evan Macmillan, CEO and co-founder. “We are excited to cut through the telephony integration red tape with Twilio and deliver the benefits of Gridspace to more enterprise companies.”

Gridspace Sift gives contact center agents, managers and developers a complete view into their contact centers and the real-time capabilities to optimize customer service and sales interactions. With Gridspace Sift, enterprises can reduce handle times while improving agent accuracy, customer satisfaction and contact conversion metrics.

Gridspace Sift’s powerful conversational scanners, interaction management tools and automation capabilities simplify the challenges of running a major voice operation. The software is becoming the choice for automation-minded contact center leaders. Gridspace already operates some of the largest Kubernetes speech clusters in the world.

Twilio’s recent addition of Media Streams to the Twilio Voice platform and Gridspace Sift’s Media Gateway jointly enabled the partnership. Twilio’s API provides Gridspace secure access to the real-time, raw audio stream of Twilio calls. Gridspace Sift’s Media Gateway, which can handle in excess of 50,000 concurrent calls per customer, ensures robust call processing for the largest contact centers.

“Gridspace provides businesses critical insight into the conversations that go through the contact center,” said Chetan Chaudhary, Global VP of partnerships at Twilio. “Enterprises can now combine the power of Twilio’s Voice platform via Media Streams with deep insights from Gridspace’s analytics and automation platform. We look forward to seeing what our customers build through this partnership.”

Gridspace Sift can be found in the Twilio Marketplace starting today. Gridspace Sift works with applications built on Programmable Voice, including Twilio Flex, through the Media Streams integration. Developers can also use Gridspace’s API to build plugins for Twilio Flex that incorporate and surface real-time insights about conversations to agents and supervisors. Existing customers of Gridspace Sift can activate Twilio by contacting their Gridspace account executive.

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