Grayshott Gigabit Picks Calix to Simplify Operations


Calix, Inc. has announced that the UK-based Grayshott Gigabit Limited (Grayshott) is bridging the digital divide and raising home values in Eastern Hampshire and Surrey Hills with the Intelligent Access EDGE, powered by the Network Innovation Platform (AXOS®).

Grayshott chose the E7®-2 Intelligent Modular System (E7-2), North America’s most widely adopted access system, to accelerate subscriber turnups and reduce back-office integrations by 83 percent. The XGS-PON fiber network supports high-bandwidth applications like streaming HD video and conferencing, cloud-based gaming, and smart home services.

Grayshott is now cutting OPEX while rapidly growing value for underserved communities and delivering symmetrical gigabit broadband to rural residences and businesses throughout southeast England.

With the Intelligent Access EDGE, broadband service providers can future proof their networks and accomplish the following.

Accelerate subscriber turnups. Automated network service provisioning delivers massive improvements in network operations efficiency by automating ONT service activations—dramatically reducing the time required to install and turn up new services.
Optimize back-office system integration.

Consistent software operations—regardless of the physical infrastructure layer—simplify network operations and dramatically reduce OSS/BSS system integration time. By leveraging a common model, integration timelines are cut from months to days.

Deliver an Always On 10G network. Critical services—especially business services—remain operational even with fiber cuts. As well, specific functions targeted for upgrades are isolated, keeping the rest of the network operating with zero downtime during upgrades.

“Broadband statistics are now listed within the property details featured on popular sites such as Rightmove and Zoopla—and many prospective buyers now categorize gigabit fiber broadband as one of their key priorities for choosing their property. This means there can be a big difference in property prices in an area or on the same street because of limited or no access to gigabit speeds,” said Mashood Ahmad, managing director at Grayshott Gigabit Limited.

“With the E7-2, powered by the Network Innovation Platform (AXOS), we are building a Calix-powered 10G fiber network that will help maintain property value and bolster the work from home economy. The E7-2 will also enable us to significantly slash CAPEX and OPEX by simplifying business and network operations—significantly reducing time-to-provision and new services turnups.”

Sustainable local economies in rural UK communities cannot be built without the fiber networks that deliver high-speed internet services to residents and businesses. By deploying a future proof 10G fiber network that ties with the aims of the UK government Project Gigabit, Grayshott is bridging the UK digital divide for businesses, schools, and residents in Eastern Hampshire, Surrey Hills, and beyond.

“We are incredibly excited that the Intelligent Access EDGE and Network Innovation Platform (AXOS) are enabling Grayshott to grow real value for rural UK communities by bolstering the work from home economy and raising property value,” said Mark Dressler, executive vice president of global sales at Calix. “With the E7-2, Grayshott will join other Calix customers like City Fibre who are seeing a massive percent improvement over industry standard integration times, exciting subscribers with incredibly fast speeds, accelerating time to market, and increasing revenue.”