GoZone WiFi Unveils Application Suite for TIP OpenWiFi


GoZone WiFi, the enabler in monetizing and managing guest WiFi, has announced that the company has released the first enterprise-grade application suite for TIP OpenWiFi, an industry movement to accelerate WiFi infrastructure innovation.

GoZone’s powerful WiFi solutions are now able to integrate with the OpenWiFi stack to provide opportunities for network owners and venues to drive up service value through innovation.

Venues and service providers using OpenWiFi network technology can now utilize GoZone’s leading solutions to build and monetize public WiFi services and meet a variety of complex needs including data capture, terms of service approvals, paid and voucher access, advertising and social login capabilities. Venues and key verticals that utilize GoZone’s full suite of WiFi solutions include casinos, stadiums and event complexes, resorts and lodging, parks and recreation, retail establishments, cities and communities, outdoor events and transportation facilities.

OpenWiFi is a community-developed, disaggregated Wi-Fi software system, offered as free open-source software, that includes both a cloud controller SDK and an Enterprise-grade Access Point (AP) firmware, designed and validated to work seamlessly together. GoZone now brings the central management of guest-facing messaging WiFi marketing analytics, independent of the hardware that is deployed, and OpenWiFi brings its central management control for network management.

“We are excited to be the first advanced captive portal/analytics company to work with TIP to integrate with OpenWiFi to promote open-source solutions to advance global connectivity. Service providers and large public venues that are adopting OpenWiFi can now take advantage of this integration to experience accelerated, open innovation that provides favorable economics and improves the overall business case for Wi-Fi infrastructure upgrades,” said Todd Myers, CEO, GoZone WiFi. “OpenWiFi networks are rolling out fast. And starting this week, GoZone’s WiFi service layer is also ready to operate on top of any OpenWiFi-compliant network. Additionally, integrating with OpenWiFi also helps to alleviate supply chain issues plaguing WiFi 6, 6e and 7 roll-outs that will further support accelerated innovation.”

The Telecom Infra Project (TIP) is a global community of companies and organizations that are driving infrastructure solutions to advance global connectivity.

Half of the world’s population is still not connected to the internet, and for those who are, connectivity is often insufficient. This limits access to the multitude of consumer and commercial benefits provided by the internet, thereby impacting GDP growth globally.

However, a lack of flexibility in the current solutions – exacerbated by a limited choice in technology providers – makes it challenging for operators to efficiently build and upgrade networks. Founded in 2016, TIP is a community of diverse members that includes hundreds of companies – from service providers and technology partners, to systems integrators and other connectivity stakeholders.