Got an Error When Opening PDF Files? Here’s How to Fix It!


Imagine searching for a particular ebook, and you finally found a PDF copy. But, you received an error message when you opened the file. You knew right away that you had to search for repair PDF file solutions to fix the document. 

So you looked on various websites for answers. However, you still cannot restore the document after following many steps. You felt like giving up and thought of finding other ebooks instead. 

But wait, don’t give up yet. There might be a solution to this error. If you haven’t used an online PDF tool yet, it may be worth trying. See whether it can repair the document or not. There are lots of online PDF tools on the Internet. One of them is GogoPDF, which offers a repair PDF file service and fixes the document. Let’s take a look at how GogoPDF can restore a file in this article.

Types of Error Messages When Opening PDFs

There can be various possible causes why a PDF does not open. Determine whether you can solve the issue with simple fixes first before resorting to an online repair PDF file tool.

Below are the four most common causes of why that problem occurs. Keep in mind that an error message can vary across different PDF readers.

Unsupported File Format

Unsupported File Format is a standard error when opening PDF files. There are two reasons why this happens: the extension is not PDF, and you did not use an appropriate file reader.

Make sure to check the file extension and the program you are using in viewing PDF documents. This problem is a common mistake, and you can fix this error either by converting it into a PDF or opening the file in an appropriate file viewer.

Error Loading PDF File

If you are opening the document in cloud storage like Google Drive, you may have encountered this message. The most common reason for this problem is because of your internet connection.

Thus, you might want to open the file later when there is stable internet access. You can also upload the document again since the reason might have been an uploading error issue. 

Unreadable PDF Document

There are also some cases wherein a file is unreadable but not corrupt. This error can happen because of download interruption due to an unstable internet connection.

You can fix the problem by checking your internet access. Ensure that your device has an internet connection and save the file again. You can also download the document during off-peak times, usually late-night, since most people would be asleep during those hours. 

Corrupt Or Damaged PDF File

This error is the worst problem than the ones above. Why? That’s because you cannot solve the issue by simply redownloading the document or converting it into an appropriate file extension. 

One reason why this error occurs is because of an encoding failure. The uploader might have an unstable internet connection while uploading the file. As a result, it may have made the document incomplete and inaccessible when you open the PDF. This problem typically happens when someone has sent you a PDF as an email attachment.

The other reason is that the document contains viruses or malware. Make sure to scan the file in anti-virus software before accessing the PDF. Also, you should only download files on trustworthy and reputable websites. 

The Repairing Process

If you still cannot access the file after doing the simple fixes above, you may want to use an online tool. Websites such as GogoPDF offer various services like repairing PDF documents, and it does not require you to download any software. 

Why GogoPDF?

GogoPDF is a fast, safe, and secure platform for fixing PDF files. They value your privacy and delete your uploaded files within an hour. So, you don’t have to worry since they commit to securing your data. 

Here are other benefits when you utilize GogoPDF in repairing your documents:

  • Quick and easy procedure—takes less than five minutes
  • Available across various operating systems, browsers, and devices
  • Two ways in saving the newly-repaired document
  • No software installation
  • Deletes your file within an hour

Steps to Repair PDF Files With GogoPDF

Using GogoPDF is simple, and it only takes a few minutes. It does not require you to download any software, and you can access the website across various devices. Follow these steps below in fixing PDF documents with GogoPDF.

1. Select and upload file

The first step in repairing your PDF is to upload the document. Go to their official website by searching GogoPDF on a search engine and click on the first result. Scroll down the homepage and select the Repair PDF option.

After that, click the select files button to get the PDF you want to fix. You can also upload the document from your cloud storage in either Google Drive or Dropbox. 

2. Wait

Once you have uploaded your file, wait for the process to finish. It can take from seconds to minutes, depending on the file size of the document. 

3. Share or download

After the repair process, GogoPDF will present you with two options in saving your file: download or share. 

To save your newly-repaired PDF on your device, you can click the download button at the lower-right of the box. You can also save the newly-restored PDF directly on your cloud storage, either in Google Drive or Dropbox.

If you prefer to share a link, you can click the copy URL button in the box. You can either choose to keep the link for yourself or share it with others so that they can access the document.

Something to Keep in Mind

GogoPDF will try to repair the file as much as possible. In the event where your PDF has too much damage, you may only get a partial recovery of the document. Thus, expect to receive a full or partial repair of the PDF.

Final Word

GogoPDF is a quick and secure platform to repair your PDF files. However, you must take note that you may only receive a partial recovery when the document has too much damage. Even so, using an online tool like GogoPDF is an excellent option since it is convenient. It does not require you to download any software, and the process only takes up a few minutes. Enjoy!