Globe Taps Amdocs to Transform its Enterprise Operations


Solutions from Amdocs CES20 suite will help Philippines communications giant offer enterprise customers new webscale-like digital experiences in multi-year managed services agreement.

Amdocs, a provider of software and services to communications and media companies, has announced that Globe Telecom, a service provider in the Philippines with nearly 100 million customers, has selected Amdocs’ cloud-native, microservices-based CatalogOne and DigitalOne solutions as part of a strategic, multi-vendor project targeted to transform its enterprise operations.

The Amdocs solutions will be deployed on a leading public cloud and managed by Amdocs under a multi-year managed services agreement.

“We want to be able to offer innovative enterprise services at faster speeds to quickly address the evolving needs of businesses of all sizes, harnessing the power of digital to make their interactions with us effortless,” said Peter Maquera, senior vice president for Enterprise Group at Globe Telecom. “Globe and Amdocs have been working and innovating together for over a decade to offer our customers the best that technology can offer. Amdocs’ advanced cloud and microservices-based value propositions, coupled with its proven track record of delivery excellence, make them the right partner for us in this strategic project.”

Amdocs will replace legacy systems at Globe with key building blocks from the recently released CES20 customer experience suite including a commerce enablement platform spanning the entire order lifecycle, from order capture to fulfilment, and a robust centralized service catalog that will enable Globe to create, deploy, test and launch new services at a much faster pace.

Offering a unique, microservices-based architecture, open source technologies and cloud on-demand scalability, the new Amdocs solutions will allow Globe to continuously improve commerce experiences for their enterprise customers by introducing new capabilities in short continuous integration/continuous delivery (CI/CD) iterations.

“Globe is incredibly advanced in both its digital transformation journey and operational move to the cloud and we are pleased they have chosen us to further their advancement in these strategic areas for their enterprise business,” said Anthony Goonetilleke, group president of Media, Network and Technology at Amdocs. “Operators’ ability to grow their digital and cloud capabilities is key for delivering what customers expect today, nothing less than seamless customer experiences when and where they want them. Through the continued evolution of our product and services portfolio, we are committed to helping them do that, stimulating commerce and economic growth for them and their customers.”

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