Globe Celebrates Growing Business Partnerships and Opportunities for GoWiFi services


Globe Telecom marks another milestone in growing partnerships with fellow industry leaders through GoWiFi, the public WiFi hotspot service of the telco.

Servicing more than 1,500 locations nationwide, including major malls, convenience stores, coffee shops, supermarkets, transportation hubs, hospitals and airports, GoWiFi continues to redefine the customer experience in public WiFi usage.

During the recently held annual GoWiFi Partners Night event, Globe CEO and President Ernest Cu cited the significance of the company’s “win-win” relationships with several businesses across different industries. This development makes the availability of internet connection in the public sphere a mutually beneficial endeavor for WiFi service providers and business owners.

“When it comes to WiFi I really do mean partners—unlike our mobile business where the majority of the signal comes from towers outside. With WiFi, we are inside your premises, and we need to work very closely together to find the right balance of service to WiFi users, improving sales for your businesses and getting a return on our WiFi infrastructure investments. It’s not always an easy discussion but in the past couple of years, with your help, we have made a lot of progress,” Cu stated.

As the local digital industry continues to grow exponentially per year, Cu also emphasized the growing need for both FREE and paid WiFi services in public establishments. This is in accordance with the company’s pledge to support consumer interest in internet connectivity, anytime, anywhere, while maintaining fair and competitive prices for WiFi usage and observing Data Privacy laws for all end users.

“We believe in FREE WiFi to end users—it attracts people to your premises and enables greatly expanded internet access for more people. We also believe that there is a role for a premium WiFi service such as GoWiFi Auto to run alongside of the free. This is an exciting new era with a lot of learning to be done and value to be created. Of course, we also have to be mindful of Data Privacy laws along the way and we must be sensitive to customer perceptions and feelings about how their data may be used,” he added.

Operating in an ever-dynamic industry, Globe looks forward to more developments and challenges in the public WiFi sphere and more tie-ups with establishments, brands, and institutions in its expansion of hotspots nationwide in the succeeding years.