GlobalConnect picks Nokia to demo 600G transmission

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Nokia has announced the successful completion of a network trial with GlobalConnect using the Nokia PSE-V fifth generation super coherent optics (PSE-Vs). The trial demonstrated 600G transmission over a live long-haul network link of GlobalConnect Group’s GO-COLOR network.

This trial validates GlobalConnect’s ability to increase its optical network capacity in support of high-capacity data center interconnect services across the Nordics.

With this field trial, performed in real-world conditions, GlobalConnect has successfully validated a planned upgrade of its long-haul backbone networks using the PSE-Vs super coherent optics productized in Nokia’s 1830 PSI-M optical transport system. By scaling network capacity over its existing ROADM network, GlobalConnect will be able to flexibly deliver high-bandwidth data center interconnect services across its backbone network.

Anders Kuhn-Saaby, CTO, GlobalConnect Group, said: “This trial validates GlobalConnect’s commitment to offering scalable and flexible high-bandwidth services across our Nordic backbone network. We are pleased to validate Nokia’s latest generation of PSE-V super coherent optics as an important enabler of these continuous network upgrades, seamlessly operating over our live network with existing coherent channels.”

James Watt, Head of Optical Networks Division, Nokia, said: “We are delighted to work with GlobalConnect to support continued capacity evolution of its core networks. With the introduction of the PSE-Vs super coherent capabilities across our entire 1830 portfolio, Nokia enables spectrally-efficient network capacity upgrades over real-world long-haul networks.”

In the trial, Nokia demonstrated error-free performance over a 781km ring 11 fiber spans and through six ROADMs nodes with Colorless Directionless Connectionless and Flexgrid technology (CDC-F). By operating over spectrally efficient 100GHz WDM channels, GlobalConnect will be able to scale total network capacity 28,8T over the C+ band.

The Nokia PSE-V is the industry’s most advanced family of digital coherent optics (DCO), powering the next generation of Nokia high-performance, high-capacity transponders, packet-optical switches, disaggregated compact modular and subsea terminal platforms.

The PSE-V Super Coherent DSP (PSE-Vs) implements the industry’s only second generation probabilistic constellation shaping (PCS) with continuous baud rate adjustment, and supports higher wavelength capacities over longer distances – including support for 400G over any distance – over spectrally efficient 100GHz WDM channels while further reducing network costs and power consumption per bit.