Global Voice Debuts GVCall ‘International Calling App’ in India


Global Voice, a Norwegian telecommunication company that offers Over The Top (OTT) driven international mobile to mobile and landline calls has launched its GVCall Mobile App in India.

This mobile application provides users with low cost international calls without the need of internet connectivity through Wi-Fi connections. Customers can now save nearly 70% of their expenses as compared to the regular phone calls with this app.

The app has an edge over any other mode of calling as it offers superior quality as compared to VoIP and has access to Worldwide GSM. Additionally, it needs no WiFi connection and can be availed at very low international rates. However, it is to be noted that it is a prepaid service and does not provide free international calls.


· Better quality than VoIP

· Worldwide GSM accessibility

· No WiFi needed, works easily and with clarity on 2g

· Very low international rates

· Fewer dropped calls and value for money

Morten Hofstad, Regional Director Global Voice ASIAGlobal Voice commented, “Globalization has manifested itself in every nook and corner of the world and India is no exception to that. As more and more ideas, products and people are getting transferred from India to around the world, creating a system of global integration; the world is getting smaller and smaller every day. In order to keep this global integration going, people need a communication system which is glitch free with great connectivity and clarity without burning holes in their pocket. In view of this, we are absolutely optimistic and excited about the launch our GVCall Mobile App.”

GV Call is not only affordable but also user friendly, which makes it a perfect platform for India. The users simply need to download the GV Call app from Google play or the App store to make calls anywhere in the world. To avoid expensive mobile roaming charges when you bring your phone abroad, simply use the “Calling from” option in the menu to deliver your calls back to a local landline or local mobile number. This can be your hotel number, a local friend’s mobile number, or any local phone number of your choice.

Global Voice aims at positioning itself as the company which delivers quality services with full support of present day operational infrastructure. It intends to build a world class communication platform in India, which has great potential to enhance the consumer’s calling experience.

It anticipates having more than a million customers in India over the next three years, and is extremely positive about its adoption in the country. It also foresees opportunities in many other Asian countries and has already established strategic partnerships in countries like Indonesia, Myanmar and Malaysia.