Global Technologists Come Together to Create – ‘Texas 5G Alliance’


Global Technologists have come together on a unique platform to create – ‘Texas 5G Alliance

5G Alliance will serve as the leading advocate for the world changing impact of 5G technology and infrastructure that will be required to meet the evolving demands of consumers and smart cities.

The Alliance will focus on the education and advocacy for the rapid deployment of this technology in Texas, making our state the global leader in this technology infrastructure race.

A coalition of the nation’s most innovative companies, infrastructure providers, trade associations and technology thought leaders have already joined the Alliance, including Crown Castle, Dell, T-Mobile, Google Fiber, Ericsson, Bypass Mobile, Carnegie Technologies, SmartAustin, VERTICOM, Tech Titans and the Austin Chamber of Commerce.

“We are on the cusp of groundbreaking technology that will change our everyday lives for the better,” said Scott Dunaway, spokesperson for the Texas 5G Alliance. “Texas is setting the pace for innovative and life-changing technologies, such as autonomous vehicles, the internet of things, robotic deliveries, traffic flow solutions, and dedicated public safety and first responder networks, all of which will be dependent on small cell infrastructure that provides broad-scale 5G connectivity. We will aim to ensure Texas is a national and global leader in this pursuit.”

5G technology is the next generation of high-speed wireless technology that will provide connections 40 times faster than the current standard with at least four times more coverage worldwide. As connections to wireless networks and the demand for mobile data continues to grow exponentially, 5G technology will be critical to maintaining an infrastructure that keeps pace with consumer expectations and technological innovation.

“Our goal at Dell is to transform the Internet of Things from 100 billion connected devices to a network of 100 billion more intelligently connected devices, and 5G is integral to achieving this goal,” said John Howard, Director of Public Policy, Dell. As Michael Dell recently said, “IoT is fundamentally changing how we live, how organizations operate and how the world works. … The implications for our global society will be nothing short of profound.”

Jay Brown, President and CEO of Crown Castle affirmed the importance of the Texas 5G Alliance, stating: “Next-generation initiatives like 5G technology require next-generation infrastructure, and we are working diligently to increase capacity and coverage to meet future demand. As an infrastructure provider, we look forward to working with various stakeholders and industry partners to provide the solutions that will be required to meet the demands of smart cities.”