Global Omnium taps Cellnex to roll out IoT network for water management


Telecommunications infrastructure operator Cellnex Telecom and specialised water management company, Global Omnium, roll out an Internet of Things (IoT) network in the towns of Burjassot and la Pobla de Farnals in the Valencia region to facilitate overall water management to the public and/or private sector entities of these municipalities by installing sensors, data collection and transmission and providing an IoT platform for managing such data, which provide information in real time and remotely, so that they can act manually and/or automatically throughout the whole water cycle.

Adesal Telecom, a Valencia-based company owned by Cellnex and Global Omnium, is the responsible for operating and maintaining this IoT network, which is based on LoRa technology, that facilitate automatic detection of leaks – and preventive actions on these -, remote meter reading or digital customer service and electronic invoicing, among other services.

Internet of Things networks make it possible to simultaneously connect a large number of devices and systematically gather the data they generate in real time. The information collected, which can be seen via Cellnex’s online data management platform, not only makes it easier to monitor these devices remotely, but also to take decisions – often preventive – and implement improvements throughout the entire cycle of this essential water resource, such as quality levels or reducing and optimising consumption.

Moreover, on this IoT network roll out and implemented in Burjassot and la Pobla de Farnals, other types of services that already exist in other cities can be added on. These include installing sensors in social housing, to monitor and improve the comfort and energy efficiency of these homes (which are especially designed for groups at risk of exclusion), installing sensors in car parks to optimise the use of public space, or smart management of waste collection using sensors in rubbish skips that detect when they are full, optimising collection routes.

More than two million devices connect daily to Cellnex IoT networks

Cellnex has extensive experience, especially in Spain – including the Balearic and Canary Islands – in the roll-out, maintenance and operation of multi-technology IoT networks to which more than 2 million objects are currently connected daily.

These networks stand out for their low bandwidth, long range, robustness and energy efficiency. They have a direct effect on situations in everyday life, such as traffic regulation, optimising urban resources or monitoring and geolocation in the logistics sector, among others.

Cellnex uses its Smartbrain platform and its wireless connectivity network infrastructures to provide access and secure transmission of the data collected using IoT sensors, Edge Computing systems or other information sources and systems.

This Cellnex IoT platform makes it possible to detect and efficiently manage all the needs of a city, providing reliable real-time information for better decision making. In addition, controlled and secure information access helps to foster open data use between the administration and the entrepreneurial ecosystem, boosting a spirit of innovation and the co-creation of new products and services.

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