Gcore and FliQi: Enhancing Online Education in India

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In the online education industry, delivering high-quality learning experiences is pivotal. Gcore provides video streaming infrastructure to help e-learning platforms, learning management systems (LMS), and learning experience platforms (LXP) deliver a seamless educational experience to students worldwide. Today, Gcore and FliQi are excited to share the story of their collaboration. This Indian EdTech platform is leveraging Gcore’s technology to enhance how learners access and engage with educational content.

Gcore: A Powerful Solution for the Online Education Industry

Gcore’s ready-to-use streaming infrastructure has worldwide coverage and is based on powerful Intel processors. It enables e-learning providers to deliver high-quality, low-latency content on any device and in any bandwidth environment. Gcore’s technology significantly reduces the time required for setting up and seamlessly integrating videos.

Key benefits of Gcore’s solution include:

  • Rapid deployment and go-live capabilities
  • High-quality user experience with minimal delay
  • Reduced workflow costs

Gcore’s Streaming Platform infrastructure caters to various use cases, including schools, universities, online courses, the fitness industry, and corporate training. Gcore provides features that enable the creation of high-quality, secure, and accessible content, such as customized UX/UI, playback on any device, content security, easy and instant user access, real-time insights, low-latency live streaming, and limitless video-on-demand (VOD) storage.

FliQi: An Indian EdTech Success Story

FliQi is an innovative EdTech platform that offers a comprehensive suite of online learning solutions, including online courses, test series, and daily current affairs content. Their vision is to provide quality and affordable education to every student, and their mission is to increase access to quality study material at cost-effective rates regardless of users’ locations.

FliQi’s unique LPAR (Learn, Practice, Analyze and Recommendation) system is based on the test-enhanced learning model, which promotes long-term retention of concepts and facts by incorporating topic-related tests at the end of every lecture. This approach has made FliQi popular among Indian learners seeking a platform that maximizes their learning outcomes.

Why FliQi Chose Gcore

FliQi recognized Gcore’s video streaming infrastructure as the perfect solution to support their ambitious goals—expanding beyond the classroom by reaching any learner, anywhere in the world, on any device. Gcore’s technology enabled FliQi to:

  • Provide low-latency video streaming, allowing their students to follow along with the classes in real-time while interacting instantly and smoothly
  • Launch easily and with zero delay, as Gcore provides no-code integration simple SDK’s for iOS and Android
  • Control and reduce costs due to cost-efficient pricing plan, because Gcore customers only pay for the exact amount of minutes spent in the virtual classroom; the same applies for video storage—customers pay only for the number of minutes in a video, not per GB

By leveraging the Gcore Streaming Platform, FliQi has been able to provide a seamless and engaging learning experience for students across India, ensuring that their educational content is accessible, secure, and tailored to their users’ needs.

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Gcore and FliQi: A Winning Partnership

FliQi uses the Gcore Streaming Platform for live classes, which are recorded simultaneously and then reused as VOD content for later replay at any convenience for learners. This allows FliQi to offer diverse services supported by the Gcore’s robust infrastructure.

The collaboration between Gcore and FliQi showcases the potential of video streaming infrastructure to enhance the online education industry, providing an uninterrupted and engaging learning experience for students.

As the online education landscape continues to evolve, Gcore is dedicated to supporting innovative platforms like FliQi in their mission to provide outstanding learning experiences to students worldwide. Together, Gcore and FliQi are making a meaningful impact on the lives of students seeking cost-effective and modern educational opportunities.

The article is published in the June 2023 issue of Disruptive Telecoms.