Gamestream, Chunghwa Telecom launch iOS cloud gaming app


Console quality cloud gaming is now available with the debut of the Hami 5G iOS mobile app in Taiwan. Bringing 65 console titles to iOS users with high performance cloud gaming, Chunghwa Telecom’s Hami iOS mobile gaming app is powered by technology developed by Gamestream, a B2B cloud gaming technology company headquartered in France.

Chunghwa Telecom, the biggest telecoms company in Taiwan, started working with Gamestream in June 2020, when Chunghwa Telecom launched the Hami 5G cloud gaming app for Android. Due to unprecedented demand from its iOS users, Chunghwa Telecom developed an iOS version of Hami using Gamestream’s technology and content library.

Chunghwa Telecom recently submitted the Hami 5G iOS app for approval to be added to the App Store, from which it is now available. The iOS cloud gaming service is a white-labelled version of Gamestream’s cloud gaming solution, offering access to over 65 iconic console titles, delivering high performance iOS cloud gaming.

Ivan Lebeau, CEO at Gamestream commented, “At Gamestream, we’re pleased to see the Hami 5G iOS app available now in the App Store. This perhaps indicates greater receptiveness to cloud gaming on the part of Apple. Chunghwa Telecom’s successful deployment of the Hami 5G iOS cloud gaming app enables 5G iOS customers to experience console quality titles across any iOS device including iPhone, iPad and Apple TV.”

He added, “Gamestream leads in cloud gaming technology innovation. In November 2020, we pioneered and brought to market Progressive Web Application technology ahead of any other technology company, enabling cloud gaming beyond the App Store. Our mission is to deliver the most advanced cloud gaming technology in the world, meeting best-in-class industry standards, enabling platform agnostic cloud gaming on any platform.”

Gamestream cloud gaming has been deployed in Europe, the Middle East and Asia, predominantly via white-labelled versions of its cloud gaming technology and content, through leading telecoms operators including Etisalat in UAE, Sunrise in Switzerland, Telkom Indonesia, Medion Erazer in Germany, Chunghwa Telecom in Taiwan, and recently Bouygues Telecom in France.

Gamestream offers a platform agnostic cloud gaming solution powered by 5G-ready technology, delivering cloud gaming at any time, anywhere and for anyone. Gamestream is accessible on smartphones (iOS and Android apps), Smart TVs, PCs, Macs and tablets.

Gamestream features video games catalogue for family and casual gamers, having acquired the rights for over 300 titles from leading global publishing partners including Disney, Capcom, Konami, Codemasters and Focus Home Interactive.