FYUZ 2023: IP Infusion Showcasing Open Networking Innovations

Kelly LeBlanc

Spotlight on FYUZ 2023 | TelecomDrive.com

Over the past recent years, IP Infusion has clearly emerged as a preferred vendor for driving disaggregated networking solutions that are ideal for telecoms in today’s scenario and enable reduced network cost to deploy new set of features at a rapid pace.

Kelly LeBlanc is the Chief Marketing and Product Officer for IP Infusion speaks with Zia Askari from TelecomDrive.com about the company’s core focus and how it is looking forward to attending the upcoming FYUZ 2023 in Madrid.


What are some of the key focus areas for IP Infusion today?

IP Infusion is a specialist vendor of networking software, and today we are focused on our primary objective of being the open software alternative to closed-system networking vendors such as Cisco and Juniper.

How do you look at the Disaggregated Networking Solutions market today? How big is this segment and what’s your market share here?

The disaggregated networking market is continuing to grow and mature. IP Infusion is currently a market leader and innovator in this market space according to many technical analyst groups including GigaOm, who has consistently ranked IP Infusion as a Market Leader and Outperformer for the last several years in its annual Network Operating System (NOS) Radar Report. We are currently outpacing bigger named vendors such as Juniper and Cisco in the current GigaOm 2023 Network Operating System vendor ranking.

What kind of market innovations is IP Infusion driving today? what can we expect from the organisation in the coming months?

IP Infusion is known for real-world deployments and products, with our 20+ year history our client roster is second to none. Our products have been used by some of the biggest names in networking today, and we have 600 customer who use our software globally. We are leveraging our expertise to servicing these sorts of clients to prove that open networking technologies are not only ready for prime time, but in many scenarios the only logical and commercially sound methodology for rapid growth deployments that new-generation network operators are requiring.

IP Infusion does have its presence in Bangalore, India. What are your investment / expansion plans for India?

India is one of the largest consumers of network services globally, so they are of course a very important market for IP Infusion. We have some marquee customers there now, and are looking forward to increasing our footprint and staffing up to service our customer base there most effectively.

We are expanding by working with Tier 1 telcos in the India market. We are enabling multiple partners to participate in the Made in India wave with our software.

How are you looking at the upcoming FYUZ as a global platform to showcase innovation? What can we expect from IP Infusion at the event?

IP Infusion is committed to being the premier independent open networking software vendor in the marketplace. We understand the importance of the Telecom Infra Project as a standards body, and firmly believe the value proposition of open networking is complementary to the mission of TIP.

We will be present at FYUZ with customer stories, deployment details and new features with our latest version of OcNOS, our Open Compute Network Operating System. Additionally, our President and CEO Atsushi Ogata will be a featured speaker during the event. We will also have other staff participating in various panels and speaking events during the course of the show.