Future Smartphones – Will Extend Frontiers of Innovation, Enable Digital Jazz


While extending frontiers of innovation, ‘Future Smartphones’ will be increasingly seen not as mere technology devices but more of human extensions – enabling digital evolution of society.

Keeping in mind the above thought process, Smartron, an Indian at heart company is deeply engaged in harnessing the power of IoT to enable such future-ready ecosystems and deliver unique experiences to its customers.

Working on the fore front of such innovative products and solutions, Mahesh Lingareddy, Founder & Chairman, Smartron, – speaks with Zia Askari from TelecomDrive.com about the future innovations in smartphones and what customers can expect.


      Mahesh Lingareddy

What are some of the big smartphone innovations that are likely to change the dynamics on customer experience of future?

Virtual Reality, Augmented Reality, Image Sensing and Artificial Intelligence will make next generation of devices lot more autonomous and intelligent resulting in delivering some amazing customer experience.

The pace at which smartphone penetration is increasing is amazing and with this – its computing power and application handling capabilities are also getting enhanced with time. What according to you are the big drivers for mass acceptance of smartphones of future?

Smartphones will go from browsing and communication centric device to true extension to human brain as a lifestyle and personal assistant. The boundary between human and machine will continue to become blurry. Smartphones can help us with managing our health and lifestyle better, improving our overall productivity and safety and giving more control over our environment.


Artificial Intelligence will be an integral part of Future Smartphones

If we look back – there were many smartphones made of plastic – today it is all about glass and metal. What is your opinion on the materials which can be used to make smartphones of future?

Whether it is plastic or metal or silicon or something else, there will be continued innovation with things like flexible and silicon based display technologies.

What are some of your innovations on these directions? How are you as a brand working towards delivering the best quality to your customers?


Smartron is founded with a vision to offer rich IoT experience to our customers from day one with our breakthrough tronx platform that takes holistic approach to all of hardware (devices), software (content), services and care to deliver seamless tron experience.

We are focused on innovating in the areas of smart, sensor, robotics, artificial intelligence and big data technologies to enable next generation of smart devices and experience.

How important is the design element while performing the R&D on smartphones today? Please share your design roadmap for the coming year? How can design create big market differentiations?

Smartron has made its mark through very unique design approach. Our first generation tbook and tphone designs are great examples whether it is the dual tone colors, lightness, thickness, kickstand etc. With hardware and software continues to get standardized and commoditized, we at smartron believe that design and experience are two ways to differentiate.


As we are moving towards an IoT era – experts say that future smartphones will be a powerhouse of sensors that will instantaneously speak with multiple set of devices and perform critical tasks for users. Please share your thoughts on this?

I couldn’t agree with you more on this. Smartron is founded precisely to ride the IoT era. We have no legacy burden and everything we do is IoT ready whether they are our devices or cloud or care or services. The seamless communication between devices and the breaking down the barriers between cloud and device, hardware and software, home and office is the key for IoT world.

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