Future of Education: Telia Company partners city of Helsinki to design 5G schools

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Telia Company and the City of Helsinki are developing a unique 5G pedagogy.

The idea behind the digitalisation of education is to bring technology to learning in a pedagogically meaningful and enriching way. The aim is to make Helsinki a world leader in using the latest ICT in learning.

“Together, we are developing a learning system of the future in which advanced mobile technology plays a key role,” says Liisa Pohjolainen, Head of the City of Helsinki’s Education Division.

Telia Company and the Education Division started collaborating this autumn, by trying out virtual and augmented reality as teaching aids. The trial period has begun in the Arabia Elementary School and will continue through the autumn in the teaching of mathematical subjects and design, for example.

5G connected schools

“5G is bringing an unprecedented transition to a range of business practices. We want to develop the services of the future together with our customers and partners; the City of Helsinki’s open-mindedness serves as an example to others,” says Jari Collin, Chief Technology Officer, Telia Finland, and continues: “We aim to introduce 5G connections in the first schools next year. When educational technology requirements are taken into account in the construction phase of a school, the teachers and pupils can focus on the more fundamental issue of developing teaching content,” Collin sums up.