Future Cities: How Iskandar Malaysia is Realizing Smart City Vision


When it comes to smart cities development – Iskandar in Malaysia is creating its own standards. The model smart city is being looked upon globally as one of the most advanced locations where technology is heavily contributing towards social development of the population.

Speaking at the recently held CommunicAsia 2017 in Singapore, Maimunah Jaffar, Head, Planning & Compliance, IRDA explained how the city is realizing smart city vision for the nation.

“Iskandar Malaysia is Malaysia’s economic growth corridor covering a total area of 2,217 sq km (12% of Johor State). Iskandar Regional Development Authority (IRDA) is tasked to realize the vision of developing Iskandar Malaysia into a strong and sustainable metropolis of international standing,” she explained.

Iskandar Malaysia Smart City – has become a big a tool to expedite Malaysia’s smart city vision and develop and nurture a holistic ecosystem.

As a smart city, the primary objectives are to continuously drive economy through smart investment, manage environment through smart collaborations, support innovation and deliver smart governance. As a true smart city that runs on technology driven communications infrastructure, Iskander smart city is providing smart mobility and connectivity and hence creating a better quality of life for its population.

There are Six Dimensions that go out to define Smart City Iskandar Malaysia

Smart Economy | Smart Governance | Smart Mobility |

Smart Environment | Smart Living | Smart People

In the year 2016, the government set up body called FIMAC that is seamlessly integrating various functions into one thread and easing out various processes. FIMAC – Futuristic Iskandar Malaysia Advisory Council brings together all key stakeholders related to smart city, sustainable city, connected city, safe city, healthy city and any other similar initiatives. “FIMAC is serving as a single platform for forums and knowledge sharing sessions and creating collaborative opportunities for various smart city stakeholders,” she added,

Functions of FIMAC

  • Platform for exclusive forums and knowledge sharing sessions, collaboration opportunities etc.
  • The team that will shape the future of Iskandar Malaysia within the context of technology and innovation, in a cohesive and holistic manner.
  • Collectively acting as the market accelerator and advisor to market players in transforming Iskandar Malaysia into a Smart City.
  • Review and approve the establishment of Technical Working Group.

Iskandar Smart City Snapshots

 Master Planning

Inclusive of Social Planning

 Economic Planning

 Recommend policies, laws, actions and incentives

 Brand guardian of Iskandar Malaysia as an investment destination

 Promote private and public investments in Iskandar Malaysia

 Disseminate information to investors and public

 Monitor and align sector developments

 Coordinate and monitor enabler developments

 Principal coordinating agent for approval