Frontier Communications Responds to Winter Storms

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As powerful winter storms disrupt electric power and other public systems across multiple states, Frontier Communications wants customers to know our crews are prepared to respond.

Frontier personnel are monitoring the situation closely, safeguarding network resiliency, taking additional readiness steps and will deploy resources to affected areas as quickly as safety procedures allow.

Storm-related impacts, including losses of commercial electric power, along with the potential for damage to telephone poles and other facilities, may result in short-term and extended telephone and Internet service disruptions in storm-affected areas.

“Company crews and technicians will promptly respond to repair damage and restore services disrupted by the storm system. Our teams are monitoring our emergency communications and public safety systems,” said Jason Fields, Senior Vice President of Field Operations Services. “Our thoughts are with our customers and the communities we serve, and we thank them for their patience as our teams diligently respond, with service and safety for all as our priority.”

Once these storms have passed, clearing snow and damage and restoring power are critical next steps. Broadband service depends on local electric power and may be disrupted any time commercial power is out. Commercial power companies maintain a hierarchy of customers —such as hospitals, police and emergency responders— which get priority restoration.

Frontier’s broadband router/modems are designed to reconnect automatically when electric power is restored following a power outage. If service does not automatically reconnect after power restoration, customers should first reboot their router/modems. This can be done by turning the modem’s power off or by unplugging the device from the wall outlet, waiting 30 seconds and then plugging back in. Allow 2 to 5 minutes for the device to restart. If service remains out, other factors may be involved.

As storm impacts subside, some customers may continue to experience isolated service disruptions due to localized power outages and storm damage to cables, remote cabinets, or equipment that serves individual locations. Frontier recommends that customers assemble a kit for backup communications that includes mobile devices, chargers and a physical list of important places and phone numbers. More information is available at

Frontier Communications 24-hour customer services can help

For service disruptions, please contact Frontier at 800-921-8101 for residential or 800-921-8102 for business customers.
To inform Frontier about a damaged pole, downed wire or cable, please call 877‐486‐5667.
Easily use Frontier’s online contact page to connect via Live Chat, schedule a Call Back or get information on other support services.
Chat with Frontier’s customer care team via Twitter using @askFrontier.
Stay connected using Frontier voicemail boxes, which are protected within Frontier’s network and operate despite a power loss, allowing customers to leave and retrieve messages.