French Telecoms Iliad Partners with Nokia to Rollout 5G Services


Iliad has entered into a strategic agreement with Nokia – Europe’s leading network equipment maker– for the rollout of the Group’s 5G networks in France and Italy.

Nokia – which has been an lliad partner since 2010 for the deployment of its 3G/4G mobile networks – will work with the Group on its 5G rollouts in France and Italy. By deciding to team up with Nokia, the Group has made a clear choice for European technology and strategic independence.

Iliad is currently preparing for the deployment of 5G, which will start in 2020, and in line with the Group’s objectives will bring the best mobile connectivity to its some 17 million mobile subscribers in France and Italy.

With the right frequencies, 5G will enable Iliad to connect more customers, support the exponential growth of usages, and meet the needs of companies following the launch of its B2B operations in France in the near future.

Iliad has a latest-generation mobile network stretching across France, which, thanks to the constant densification and almost systematic use of fiber to backhaul sites, will be ready for 5G as soon as the new frequencies are made available.

Iliad is the parent company of Free, the inventor of the Freebox, the first multiservice box on ADSL. Free is behind numerous innovations in the Broadband and Ultra-Fast Broadband access segment (VoIP, IPTV, flat-rate calling plans to multiple destinations, etc.)

In December 2018, Free launched the Freebox Delta, a fusion of innovations, with 10G Fiber technology, xDSL/4G bonding, outstanding Devialet sound and much more. Free is the leading alternative fiber operator in France. Since January 2012, Free has brought mobile phone usage within everyone’s reach with straightforward, no-commitment offerings at very attractive prices. As at March 31, 2019, Free had nearly 20 million subscribers in France (6.4 million Broadband and Ultra-Fast Broadband subscribers and 13.4 million mobile subscribers).