Freedom and Flexibility | Optus Unveils Business Plus Plan


Optus has launched Optus Business Plus, a customisable solution to meet the unique evolving needs of the Australian business market.

Over the past 18-months, Australian businesses have felt the impacts from an increasingly volatile environment. With many uncertainties ahead, it’s more important than ever for businesses to have a telco partner they can turn to that will deliver the solutions needed to support them.

Optus worked closely with business customers to understand the challenges they faced with technology providers. Using insights and recommendations, Optus developed Optus Business Plus, a system that considers customer needs and offers a more customisable platform that evolves with the customer.

Customers can now choose their own options, or work with Optus Business consultants to build the perfect modular solution for their business, instead of having to purchase products and plans that might only partially fit their specific needs.

Optus Business engaged customers and found they preferred to be able to choose between no lock-in contracts or lock-in contracts depending on what’s best for their business. With a no lock-in contract chosen, Optus Business Plus gives customers the freedom and flexibility to scale up or down chosen services depending on their businesses needs at that time. The system also rewards businesses for the number of services utilised and how long they engage those services through discounts.

“We worked directly with small and medium sized business customers to understand their needs and the solutions that best work for them. We heard, especially over the last 18-months, that no two businesses are on the same journey. We found that some businesses know what they want and prefer us to stay an arm’s length until they need something, while others want a more hands-on approach. Optus Business Plus allows us to build a more customisable solution with, and for both kinds of customers, said Libby Roy, Managing Director for Optus Business.

“We’ve created a process that simplifies how small businesses acquire essential technology rather than a one-size-fits-all approach. Optus recognises that every business is different and that they need the control to build solutions that suit them. With Optus Business Plus businesses can continue to be unique while having more of an equally unique technology solution.

“As Optus expands Optus Business Plus over the coming year, customers can expect even more flexibility and simplicity as they customise and configure a range of products that meet their business needs.”

Businesses from sole traders to businesses of up to 300 employees will be able to assemble a suite of business critical Optus technology ranging from mobile, fixed internet, voice, cybersecurity, device and plan management services to create a bespoke package for individual businesses while still providing the flexibility to scale up or down every month (depending on the contract type chosen).

Optus Business Mobile Plus

Optus Business Mobile Plus, which is also launching today, is the first module rolled out under Optus Business Plus. It allows customers the freedom and the flexibility to scale up or down the number of SIM cards required to meet the demands of their business (if on a month-to-month contract).

Single SIM configurations start at $50 per month with 50GB of data and will go as low as $29.70 per SIM with 12 or more SIMs purchased. As customers increase the number of SIMs or contract length, they will receive increasing discounts that represent the depth of their relationship with Optus Business.

Roy said, “With Optus Business Mobile Plus, customers get the benefits of Optus’ world-class network and the freedom to shape solutions that are right for them. Our customers made it clear that we needed flexibility in what we offered businesses when it came to mobile devices and data capabilities for their business.”

Customers receive unlimited standard national talk and text and unlimited talk and text from Australia to 35 select destinations. Once data is exceeded, Optus gives the customer the option to slow data usage down or buy more.

The Optus Business Mobile Plus module also includes access to Optus Living Network features – like Optus Pause and Donate Your Data.