fliggs, T-Mobile launch an all-digital Web3 MVNO

fliggs, T-Mobile launch an all-digital Web3 MVNO

fliggs mobile is excited to announce its innovative collaboration with T-Mobile in launching the first all-digital Web3 MVNO.

A bold and visionary step in converging Telco and Web3, putting the mobile service provider at the heart of enabling Web3 mass adoption. fliggs mobile has integrated a non-custodial wallet into its mobile app, offering all customers a convenient and secure gateway to Web3, the next generation of the web.


As the first MVNO to provide a decentralized ID (DID), fliggs mobile enables universal access to Web3 and FinTech services, allowing customers to have greater control over their data and enhance privacy in digital transactions. Additionally, the wallet facilitates cryptocurrency payments, cashback loyalty programs, and charitable donations.

Stefan Riedel, CEO of fliggs mobile, underscores the significance of this relationship, stating, “Thanks to our collaboration with T-Mobile, we are able to deliver top quality mobile services and affordable mobile plans to our customers. The collaboration is a great fundament for the pursuit of our vision: enabling Web3 for the people. With the mobile subscription and a mobile super-app as potent enablers for providing a simple and secure gate to Web3, we are determined to make leading technologies affordable and accessible to everyone.”

“T-Mobile is thrilled to collaborate with fliggs mobile, embracing innovation that creates an accretive value proposition within new technologies. What they’re building is distinctive, and we’re excited to offer our leading nationwide 5G network, America’s largest and fastest, to further their mission to help enabling Web3 for the people,” said Dan Thygesen, Senior Vice President of T-Mobile Wholesale and head of T-Mobile’s growing wholesale business.

Moflix to supply award winning TelcoTech platform

fliggs mobile relies on the award-winning Moflix platform as a powerful engine for delivering the fliggs mobile vision. Moflix has a strong track record in empowering telco operators to swiftly establish a reliable and fully digital mobile service, with an eSIM on-boarding experience that remains second to none. The TelcoTech platform is uniquely positioned to deliver the convergence of mobile services and Web3.

Web3 Integration powered by Hedera

In collaboration with Hedera, an enterprise-grade open-source public network governed by leading global organizations, fliggs mobile is integrating a suite of Web3 services. Hedera’s commitment to sustainability, high throughput, low fees, and a robust codebase positions it as the ideal technology partner for the forthcoming fliggs mobile application.

Strategic Alliance with The Hashgraph Association

Backed by The Hashgraph Association (THA), a non-profit organization dedicated to accelerating global adoption of the Hedera network, the Web3 MVNO receives both funding and technical engineering support. Kamal Youssefi, President of THA, commented, “We’re proud to support this cross-industry collaboration pioneering Web3 innovation. MVNOs and the telco sector at large can leverage Hedera-powered Web3 solutions to enhance client services while ensuring data protection.”

fliggs mobile is set to be the first MVNO providing users with an extensive array of telco and Web3 services, all conveniently accessible through an intuitive super app, scheduled for launch in Q1 2024.

fliggs mobile leads the way in the all-digital MVNO revolution, employing Web3 technology to transform the telecom industry. As a trailblazer in providing DIDs to its users, it facilitates privacy and secure user identification through mobile devices, unlocking premium connectivity and a suite of Web3 offerings at any time, from anywhere.