Fibrenoire Adds VMware SD-WAN by VeloCloud to its business offering

Fibrenoire, a Videotron subsidiary company and a provider of connectivity solutions fully dedicated to businesses, has announced the addition of the VMware SD-WAN solution by VeloCloud to its service offerings.

The VMware SD-WAN solution enables businesses to securely support application growth in the cloud and increase network flexibility, in addition to provides them with greater agility in implementing and configuring branch offices across the network.

With the increased complexity of applications and the migration of their functions to cloud technologies, the VMWare SD-WAN solution is an asset for organizations who want a network that adapts quickly and efficiently to their connectivity needs without having to compromise on performance.

“Fibrenoire is proud to partner with VMware, a true leader in SD-WAN technology,” says Alexis Bourson, General Manager Sales Marketing at Fibrenoire. “This offer reinforces our commitment to increasing the performance of businesses by optimizing their telecommunications infrastructure.”

VMware SD-WAN is a powerful branch and edge connectivity platform. It combines the economic benefits and the flexibility of a real-time network overlay with the speed of large-scale deployment and automation of cloud services. With VMware SD-WAN, businesses of all sizes and across industries can support cloud application growth, network flexibility, and simplified branch implementations. They can also optimize access to cloud data centres and SaaS applications.

“Beyond offering a simple SD-WAN solution, as many competitors do, it was important for us to offer one that guarantees the best performance for our customers,” said Cyrille Mertes, CTO at Fibrenoire. “Our resolutely geeky side obliges, we tested a multitude of solutions before concluding that VMware SD-WAN by VeloCloud is far superior to others on the market.”

This solution offers better application performance due to its Dynamic Multi-Path Optimization (DMPO) capability which comprises three main functions: continuous connection monitoring, dynamic application steering on a per-packet basis and on-demand remediation.

“Many SD-WAN solutions attempt to offer one of these three functions, but only VMWare SD-WAN offers all three simultaneously,” added Mertes.

“VMware is pleased to be working with Fibrenoire,” says Sasha Emmerling, Senior Director of Marketing VMWare, VeloCloud. “VMware SD-WAN by VeloCloud provides Fibrenoire’s customers with an industry leading SD-WAN solution for automation, improved application performance, reliability, security and better management of available network resources.”

VMware SD-WAN by VeloCloud allows for powerful network application performance visibility that gives business IT departments insight into by-application bandwidth usage, operating systems on the network, and other data points that can be used to monitor and optimize networks of all sizes.