Extreme Networks, Deutsche Telekom Launch Cloud-Driven LAN Service

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 Extreme Networks, Inc., a cloud-driven networking company,  announced a strategic partnership with Deutsche Telekom to launch the next generation of Telekom’s managed net-based LAN service, NBLS 2.0, which is now available to customers.

Telekom will leverage ExtremeCloud™ IQ, the market’s only cloud management platform offering unlimited data access, as part of the company’s managed net-based LAN service portfolio. With ExtremeCloud IQ, Telekom will enable customers in more than 20 countries with proactive monitoring, reporting of SLA compliance, and other unique metrics via a service that offers security, flexibility, and scalability at a reduced delivery cost. Specifically, Telekom’s customers can now take advantage of Extreme’s industry-leading unlimited data offering for ExtremeCloud IQ subscribers to gain unparalleled insights on network activities and performance via one centralized management tool.

Deutsche Telekom

As a benefit to all of Telekom’s existing net-based LAN service (NBLS) customers with a related subscription, they will be migrated to ExtremeCloud IQ at no extra cost. The partnership between Extreme Networks and Telekom provides customers with a wide range of benefits, including:

Unrivalled Insights: ExtremeCloud IQ supplies unrivalled insights and analytics, leveraging machine learning and artificial intelligence to assist in collecting data to build, secure, and maintain agile and distributed networks. In conjunction with Extreme’s unlimited data offering, Telekom provides affected NBLS 2.0 customers with actionable insights to optimize network performance and deliver secure, agile connectivity.
Streamlined and Cost-Effective Network Management: By removing the need for Telekom to deploy, host, upgrade, scale, or maintain software itself, ExtremeCloud IQ reduces the complexity of managing enterprise edge-to-data-center infrastructure. Less time spent managing and maintaining the network provides more time to optimize the applications and services which run on the NBLS 2.0 network.
Data Security: Data transmission between WLAN access points and ExtremeCloud IQ is encrypted, and strictly limited to configurations and monitoring data. This means that no user information nor communications is transferred, and data security is protected. To further ensure the highest levels of information systems and data protection, management, and compliance, Extreme’s cloud platform is ISO/IEC 27001 certified by the International Standards Organization (ISO), complying with local data protection regulations such as GDPR and hosted within the premium data center environments of Amazon Web Services in Germany. By leveraging the security benefits of a cloud-based solution, Telekom can ensure to customers that mission-critical applications will always be available.
Greater Flexibility: Optimized for feature flexibility, Telekom can further tailor its network operations to meet customers’ individual needs with ExtremeCloud IQ. Continuous updates, high availability, and advanced machine learning analytics and insights offer Telekom and its customers the flexibility required to ensure network performance matches business expectations.
Executive & Analyst Perspectives

Markus Nispel, Vice President International Markets – Office of the CTO, Extreme Networks, said, “We are firmly committed to providing our partners with the most advanced and innovative network solutions on the market so they can offer exceptional managed services to their customers. Now, those customers have access to a state-of-the-art cloud-driven network management solution to optimize performance, gain valuable insights, and scale network operations based on organizational needs. With the demand for managed services on the rise across Europe and around the world, we are thrilled to go to market with this NBLS 2.0 service alongside our partner and industry leader, Deutsche Telekom. We’re positive that Telekom’s offering, underpinned by ExtremeCloud IQ, is now leveled-up and ready for the future.”

Frank Dietrich, Vice President Inhouse Services – Deutsche Telekom Business Solutions, explained, “Most of our customers are undergoing significant digital transformation efforts and, as a result, the adoption of public cloud services is rising significantly. At Deutsche Telekom, it is our mission to arm them with the best solutions to make these projects a success. A robust, resilient, and reliable network continues to be key here and we are excited to expand our partnership with Extreme Networks to add another powerful cloud-based networking solution – ExtremeCloud IQ – to our portfolio. This will offer our customers greater choice, high flexibility, reliable network connectivity, and service continuity crucial for mission-critical applications to support them on their digital transformation journeys.”