WHO Experts given clean chit to Mobile radiation

At a time when industry experts are questioning the level of radiation coming in from Mobile towers and there are huge health related concerns from large deployment of mobile towers, especially in big cities such as New Delhi or Mumbai, according to a World Health Organisation expert, mobile phone radiations have no health risks and do not cause cancer.

“WHO studies have proven that mobile phones do not affect human health. Cancer or brain tumour apart, it doesn’t cause even headaches or sleep disorder,” said radiation expert Michael Repacholi, the first co-ordinator of WHO’s radiation and environmental health unit.

Repacholi added: “A person absorbs five times more radio frequency (RF) from FM radio or television than the base station tower. Mobile tower radiation is lower compared to RF emissions from radio FM or television.”

In another development, Madhya Pradesh high court has issued notices to the Centre and the state government and sought time-bound information about steps undertaken by both to implement DoT guidelines for monitoring and regulation of the electromagnetic field radiation (EFR) emitted from mobile towers.

It is important to understand that as mobile operators move towards acquiring more and more customers, there is huge deployment of mobile towers that is said to encourage harmful radiation levels for the users. This is creating a catch 22 situation for the operators who have little options but to expand their network capacity.

Picture Courtesy: www.freedigitalphotos.net