Evox Trading Accelerates International VoIP Carrier Business with Captura from Oculeus


Oculeus, the global provider of innovative OSS/BSS solutions for telecommunications companies and mobile operators, has announced that the company’s Captura wholesale voice solution is facilitating Evox Trading, an international VoIP carrier based in France, to increase the efficiency of its operation and accelerate the growth of its business.

Evox Trading is an international provider of VoIP-based intercarrier services for Tier 1 and Tier 2 telecommunications service providers, mobile operators, MVNOs and OTT players. The company focuses on developing direct routes for communications service providers in emerging markets across Africa, Asia and the Middle East.

The Captura solution from Oculeus is used by Evox Trading as its main business solution to manage its entire wholesale service operation, including routing, price list management, billing, quality monitoring, and traffic controlling.

Since deploying Capture, Evox Trading has developed highly agile business capabilities and maintains efficient operations and fully automated processes. By managing its operation with Captura, Evox Trading has been able to expand its service offerings, partnerships, network traffic and overall business.

Evox Trading actively utilizes Captura’s recently added import robot capabilities to automate price list updates. Previously, Evox Trading relied on time consuming and error prone manual processes to update price lists.

This new import robot automatically gathers pricing information from different sources and formats into a standard framework and uploads updated price lists into Captura, saving time and improving accuracy.

“We run a high speed, high volume operation in a niche market,” said Romain Boulet, Sales Director at Evox Trading. “We are tremendously pleased with Captura and I can say with confidence that this solution has contributed significantly to the growth of our company and has helped us expand our traffic volumes.”

Captura is a comprehensive solution for telecommunications service providers and mobile operators to manage their interconnect and wholesale businesses. Captura is a modular system and includes the functionality for managing routing, pricing, billing, quality control, traffic and more.

Many of Oculeus’ customers, which include over 100 Tier 1 through Tier 3 communications service providers around the world, are relying on only Captura along with just a switch or switching network to maintain highly efficient operations and manage profitable businesses.

“We are proud that our Captura solution serves as the commercial and organizational backbone for the business operations of our customers,” stated Arnd Baranowski, CEO of Oculeus. “Evox is an excellent success story for us and can serve as an example to other wholesale carriers.”