Evolving Digital Lifestyles Driving BSS Transformation for CSPs


By Shivani Sardesai, Technical Director, Africa Region, Alepo Technologies

From ordering pizza through your smartphone, to tracking your health and fitness, millennials are leading the change to a digital lifestyle. Subscribers want to stay connected with their family and friends as well as to what is happening across the globe.

This digitization of the human experience is expanding into more and more places with growing smartphone penetration and the emergence of Internet of Things (IoTNFV

Today, subscribers want to order a cab, book a flight, buy a product, make a payment, listen to music, watch a film, or play a game remotely. These real-time consumer requirements must be met by the communication service provider (CSP) to create an effective customer experience.


Shivani Sardesai

New Expectations for the Modern CSP

In order for the digital world to exist, function and innovate, we need connectivity. Connectivity is the life-giving oxygen to the digital world. CSPs provide that connectivity, and in doing so, they bring more people into the digital world.

It is important for CSPs to meet the evolving demands of their subscribers, requiring them to rethink and re-bundle their services to resonate with the digital lifestyle of their subscribers. Today, CSPs need to satisfy customer expectations and create a better digital experience for them.

Why Consider a BSS Transformation?

In recent years, the rapid development of digital services and the growing threat from OTT players has forced CSPs to rethink their BSS architectures. For CSPs, agility has become a key business driver. The ability to react to market demands in real-time is a necessity. To manage and deliver these ever-increasing customer demands and provide the best customer experience, CSPs have to consider a BSS transformation.



Business DriversLegacy SystemBSS Transformation
Time to MarketLaunching new services is time consuming because of complex systems and dependencies on hardware and software vendors that may contain proprietary code. Launches can take days to months.CSPs are able to create, launch, deliver, and manage services efficiently in a matter of a few hours with a flat IP-centric architecture with features enabling swift changes and testing.
Operational EfficiencyComplex proprietary systems drive up operational touch-points and complexity perpetuating slow organizational processes.CSPs can streamline their operational and business processes by reducing the dependencies on multiple vendors and systems, allowing faster changes.
Customer ExperienceCSPs are limited by features in their legacy systems and cannot keep up with the demands of their customers and adaptation to a digital lifestyle.A digital BSS offers a comprehensive portfolio of modues for preparing, delivering and measuring customer experience throughout the entire customer lifecycle, enabling CSPs to create personalized offers.
CostInitial capital expenditure is very high and operational expenditure is equally as high because of the required managed services from legacy vendors and costly change requests.A digital BSS framework deploys easily and requires far less maintenance than a legacy system, translating directly into lower total cost of ownership and lower ongoing operational expenditure.



Alepo BSS Transformation Solution

The Alepo BSS Transformation Solution enables CSPs to evolve their existing network and IT infrastructure in order to streamline business processes and operations. The solution provides a more agile and convergent network environment that enables CSPs to launch innovative mobile offers and service bundles – faster than ever! With Alepo’s BSS Transformation Solution we ensure that the business objectives of the CSPs are addressed throughout the entire transformation journey. The aim is to enable CSPs to readily offer advanced and competitive data offers, helping to position them as a leading, customer-oriented service providers. What’s more, with Alepo’s BSS Transformation Solution, CSPs are able to combine together multiple communication services: voice, data, content, VAS; across any access technology: 3G, LTE, WiFi, xDSL, FTTx, WiMAX; in a single, truly convergent BSS environment. This affords multiple benefits to CSPs, including reduced complexity and operational costs, the ability to create bundled services, cross-sell, and up-sell promotions.

Key Advantages of Alepo’s BSS Transformation Solution

Alepo’s BSS Transformation Solution breaks through the traditional ideas of “Back Office” software. Discover the key advantages of the solution and how it can transform your business and network environment.

  • Drive Up Business Value & Revenue: Unlock new data revenue opportunities and drive up business value with Alepo BSS Transformation Solution. Create granular service offers that are profitable and resonate strongly with customers with real-time charging and rating capabilities. Decrease time to market of new, innovative products and services and stay ahead of the competition. Configure new product offers easily and deliver them instantly with an automated, global product and service catalog.
  • Transcend Generations & Technologies: Converge multiple generations and technologies onto a single, unified platform. Consolidate data services and technologies, to achieve fixed-mobile convergence, and to dismantle barriers in creating cross-sell and up-sell opportunities. For example, a subscriber with a residential multiplay plan (voice, video & internet) can use her account to purchase a one-week WiFi hotspot pass.
  • Redefine the Customer Experience: Reach new heights in customer management, and deliver on the ideal customer experience without weighing down on network or staff resources. Alepo’s solution is built with the customer in mind, including such customer-centric features as real-time alerts and notifications, segmented offers and promotions, mobile web self-care, and more.
  • Optimize Network Performance & Reliability: Alepo’s BSS Transformation Solution is performance driven. From concept, to design, to operation, Alepo focuses on delivering the most robust, advanced software solutions available on the market and delivering five nines availability in an always-on environment.
  • Protect Investments with Proven Success: For nearly a decade, Alepo’s BSS Transformation Solution has helped leading service providers around the world. With multiple deployment modes, Alepo’s BSS Transformation Solution can be implemented in a fixed, mobile or convergent network environment, assuring service providers of a tested and proven solution. All Alepo projects are backed by 24×7 ongoing support and an experienced team of engineers, project managers, integration specialists and SMEs.
  • Reduce OPEX & Ease Daily Management: Automation is a primary design principle of Alepo’s BSS Transformation Solution. This, combined with the sleek and intuitive enterprise portal, creates a software environment that efficiently reduces OPEX, eases daily management, and lessens the potential for errors.
  • Modular Architecture: Alepo’s BSS Transformation Solution has a modular architecture; readily adaptable to a service provider’s evolving business needs. This modularity reduces total cost of ownership as well as the burden of an over-engineered solution. Modules can be implemented as needed, making it a future-ready solution that grows alongside any business.


Multiple Deployment Models: Alepo’s software can fit any network environment through multiple deployment methods such as on-premise, private cloud, public cloud, VNF, or a hybrid approach.