Everything You Should Know About Animated Explainer Videos


You have undoubtedly heard of such words as explainer videos, a short animated piece that attracts a target audience to any company or service efficiently and engagingly to illustrate its key features. According to video experts at Spiel 96% prefer to view videos to learn more about the product they are interested in. We suppose such detail once again proves the video explanation is worthy of consideration.

What Are Animated Explainer Videos?

Consider an animated explainer video as an introduction to a new business or brand. For example, a company may clarify the specifics of a particular product or service with explainer videos.

In addition, companies should use animated videos to illustrate how they can help resolve their audience’s issues. Businesses may also express their corporate principles, purpose, and objectives by these videos. Animated explainer videos may also be used to train, hire, communicate internally or advertise for marketing purposes.

The primary purpose of animated explainer video is usually to educate or clarify it. Besides, you may use these to raise awareness of a specific cause. Therefore, not only do great videos include the viewer, but they also simplify the subject or theme chosen.

Why You Need to Create Animated Explainer Videos

The animations are visually appealing and super concise. They allow you to pack a lot of information within the shortest time possible. Here are reasons why you should create explainer videos.

Product Demonstration.

Animated explainer videos give you a chance to present your goods first-hand. You can illustrate in your videos the benefits of using your products or offer your audience an insight into your product.

Can Solve theCustomer Pain Points.

In animated explainer videos, you can show how your goods address many issues and solve the needs of a consumer. It will help you increase the visibility and conversion rates of your brand.

Showcasing Your Brand Values and Personality.

Through the sound, visuals, and script of your videos, you can demonstrate your brand’s personality. Moreover, you can create videos that represent the values of your brand and communicate your purpose. This is a perfect platform to get your audience acquainted with your brand.

Where You Can Feature Your Animated Explainer Videos


Animated explainer videos will facilitate the knowledge of your brand for those visiting your site. An introduction video will give them all the details they need and be used as an elevator.

You should ideally put these videos on your homepage. In this way, you can guarantee that visitors to new websites don’t miss it.

Social Media Channels

Social media is a perfect way to catch the attention of your fans. This makes it an ideal forum for your videos to illustrate.You can post videos on all social media sites on Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, and Pinterest. Of course, for each platform, you can need to trim them or repurpose your videos.

To enhance your scope, you can leverage social media site targeting and remarketing options. First, you may use this approach to reach people interested in your products. Then, you can move them along the sales funnel by answering their questions or integrating them into your brand values through videos.


Up to now, we only talked about online mediums on which you can display your images. You can, however, also use them for your offline activities.

Don’t know how?

You can present your brand at speeches, workshops, conferences, trade shows, and other professional events with videos.

Consider It as A Prologue.

For the rest of the session, animated explainer videos will set the mood. Alternatively, these videos can also be shown on side screens at events. You should hold them looping. You will attract more people in this way.

There is one downside in such a situation.

The audio for your videos can not be audible due to the ambient noise at events. Try communicating all the data using infographics and text by adding subtitles.


Email marketing will assist you in finding more leads. For example, you can make videos more attractive by adding animated explainer videos to your emails. Besides can redirect traffic to your landing page using this strategy.

All you have to do is insert your explainer video into a clickable file. Only make sure the users are brought to your landing page when they click on it. To ensure you have no problems with email delivery, you can insert a JPG image into your email. Then, if there is a problem, you can insert the connector.

Explainer Video Types You Can Explore.

You can be as imaginative as you want to describe images. There are several formats with which you can experiment. For example, to enhance your reputation, you can present video reports from your customers. You can also highlight how you have helped customers with infographics.

Whiteboard Video Explanation.

These videos are made as if someone wrote or drew on a whiteboard. It works better if the elements applied to the whiteboard are imaginative. There are a couple of styles:

  1. Individual writing and doodling on the board filmed and edited a story on the board.
  2. A digital template in which the information appears as if it were automatically drawn on the whiteboard.
  3. A graphic stock of a hand in addition to a digital information design on the surface.

Live-Action Explainer Video.

This style includes images of real people. You can speak to the camera or be part of the visuals as you talk. Often these videos include elements of motion graphics, such as text that comes into and out of view, or forms, lines, and colours, which produce moving compositions.

Video Infographics.

These types of videos are used to communicate their message by animated objects and Infographics. For example, Microsoft used an infographic video to inform its viewers about the workings of its cloud solution

Stop Motion Explainer Videos.

Last but not least, the video explainer is the stop motion. These are made of plasticine characters or other physical sculptures, photographed frame by frame and animated by the video editor.

Like other techniques, the processes of video production in the marketing world require the involvement of a customer and a company. Therefore, much needs to be discussed, from investment requirements to personal and professional preferences.

Initially, it can sound complex, but the right approach will make it exciting by introducing new ideas every day.

The synchronization ensures continuity across the entire production of videos and in a successful final product. It depends on a service provider’s expertise in providing innovative explainer videos, which draw new users, diversify your content and offer competitors a boost to your website.